In loving memory of our good friend, Sid Pennington, 1937 – 2004

Selected E-mails

2mikeIntroduction by: Mike Caraway

Chemtrails” have been “proven” to be a hoax by the U.S. Air Force. But you can see in our skies that the “Weather Modification Program” is already in force. U.S. Senate Bill 517 and House Resolution 2995 tried to make it lawful in 2006, but it was never voted into law. In 2007 it has returned as “Weather Mitigation Research” in Senate Bill 1807 and House Resolution 3445. This program remains as part of the many related geo-engineering schemes that are operating daily without our consent.
The toxic aerosols being sprayed in our air, and the harmful wave energies being propagated through the plasma they create, are being proven daily to be harmful to our health and to all living beings who share our environment. Because of the lack of Environmental Impact Statements and lack of informed consent by each individual who is affected by these operations, I’m sure they are in violation of the law – U.S. Code, Title 50, Chapter 32c, Section 1520a.
We have all been watching this Weather Modification Program in our skies, and feeling its effects on our health and morale, since at least 1997.
This site, thru articles, data, pictures and music, is appealing to you to take these attacks to heart, step back and look closely at the big picture, and do something, in your own personal life, to fight back and say “NO! No one has the right, or our permission, to poison our environment and degrade our health and welfare”.
This is a matter of life or death for us, our families, everyone we love, and our future. Please, please, take this responsibility seriously and join together to overcome this world-wide dangerous program.
With this site, we are just beginning to do our part where we live, in Arizona. We urge you to do your part where you and your loved ones live.
~Mike Caraway

3bridget in LA9Introduction by: Bridget Conroy

Our family has been watching this aerosol program since about mid-November, 1998.
Since that time, we have kept journals of what we are seeing and chronicling the various Associated Press articles from around the country, detailing ever increasing illness in every community.
We have read all the scare tactics as well, but truth be known today, the biggest threat to the health and future of our families and communities comes from the host of “Geoengineering” schemes being practiced each and every day in our skies and in the Oceans as well.
In May 2005, Kay Bailey Hutchinson introduced the bill titled Weather Modification: HR 2995 to the United States House of Representatives. She based the introduction of her W.M. bill on the devastation seen in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. I ask who of us truly believe this story, and what happened to all the dire predictions of unprecedented hurricane season of 2006?
There are over 60 private weather modification companies petitioning me to support Senate bill S 517? Their vested interest is quite obvious and can be read in the recent Senate Science and Technology hearings by so called experts. Where is the oversight by people who DO NOT stand to gain profit?
I have done an informal assessment of over 600 Arizona residents, including the Director of Arizona Agriculture and folks from AZDEQ, to discover no one had ever even heard of the bills titled Weather Modification.
They have never heard of HAARP as it relates to weather or in any other manner. I refer these people to the Science Channel program “Owning the Weather” with an interview with the holder of HAARP patent. We do not make these stories up.
We DO NOT make up the term Global Dimming, it is a fact, but like S 517 and HR 2995, no one seems to have heard of these topics. We must have a voice and continue to raise awareness at every opportunity. This journey is not without its blessings, the most important being the good and kindhearted people we have met along the way.
There are not enough words to express our appreciation and we are thankful to call many of you “friends”.
~Bridget Conroy