Been dealing with concerned citizens too long not to know that they are all solid human beings with a wish to improve the lives of all.
Cheryl, you would not know that my wife has been dead set against me pursuing this dangerous subject from the beginning 5+ years ago. What I often tell people that express the foolishness of going after the truth is: “What more can they do to us than what they already are?”
There is something I would urge all of you to do on days like the last two, is to call the media and inquire (with no attitude) what those strange lines are in our sky are all about. It’s a truly fascinating exercise and reveals insight into what we are all up against.
For the outrageously brave/foolish?, I urge you to visit Deer Valley Airport with camera in hand and photograph the twin jet Lears and Citations that are parked on the tarmac immediately in front of the terminal. These are the weather modification aircraft operating over the past 4 years which destroy our monsoon rains and monitor the results of the big guys upstairs operating on days like today.
DVA is a municipal airport and one is allowed to be on the tarmac taking photos. If you decide to help in this way, I would take someone with and be sure to get photos of the N#s and engines, front and back. I shall volunteer to go with any of you who wish me to. I live 10 minutes away. Gimme a call…


As you may have supposed, I phone the New Times just about a month ago. I was given a voice mail for the news desk and left a message to call me back if they were interested in proof of illegal weather modification taking place over Phoenx. I’m still waiting…..
Good idea though Jim. I urge all of you again to keep calling any agency or media outlet that should be responsible for reporting and investigating any issue that effects the safety of the public.


About those high flyers Bridget and all,
When I first started truly looking at them carefully and getting telephoto pics they all appeared to have the shape of cross bow darts. Very long and thin and an almost pearly color. I would classify them as the “Aurora” that does not officially exist but they were spitting out typical dual PCs. A few of them were single trails as well. I don’t see them lately.
As for the last seemingly chem free days, look for soft mists among the natural clouds we so seldom see.
I believe this to be Dyno-Mat coming from aircraft like those at DVA. My contention is that it is being used to destroy, or at least attenuate rain storms.
Dozens of the Lear and Citation jets took off from DVA during the last week. Most active time is between 2PM and 4:30PM.
Happy trails all


As a born insomniac, I often take a look at the sky in the wee hours. My guess is that about 80% of the nights over Pnx., there are at least some obvious PCs.
Over the years, I’ve monitored the radar, moisture and visible images as well. They all tell the story in a way that is never commented on by the media.
I wonder if any of you know the infamous story of the Turret Peak incident 3 or 4 years ago.
I’d have to go back and refresh my memory but briefly, it snowed in Pnx that day and the radar map showed a perfect circle of radiation centered at T.P. This was all predicted by Richard Hoagland a week or so in advance.
A friend of ours went there that night and reported that the entire area was socked in with ground clouds till they got near the top of the peak. Suddenly it became perfectly clear and in a round circle centered over the mountain.
They passed an all white SUV coming down the road which appeared “official” and stopped as they were passing to photograph their car……

Connect the dots


Well folks, I’m always surprised when the obvious appears. There were some cumulous clouds early this AM on the horizon to the north.
I didn’t think too much about it till our house was shaken by a low flying Citation at 9:15AM. By 10:30, 3 more took off!
I called Mike and Bridget and asked them if they would like to see something interesting at DVA. Well sure, was the reply.
We met there at 11:15 for coffee and sat outside. Here is what greeted us:

Take a close look at the tube sticking out into the exhaust stream. Both engines have it in the same position. The narrow pod under the engine cowling has a very small opening about an inch in diameter that is flared out like a trumpet face. I’m assuming it pressurizes the internal holding tanks.
What do you suppose happened as Bridget and I were taking photos of this uniquely equipped lil plane?
Some clown came along with a plane towing truck and took it away from us. Imagine our surprise!!!
Here’s another fellow that the plane towing dude told us not to approach:
You people that remember our mystery plane from last year, note the APU exhaust on the side of the fuselage just below the engine. The chrome flange is factory fresh, no exhaust residue. This is the same as the one most of you have from SC. There are horizontal slats built in to the assembly.
Mike explored the other side and found an entirely different situation. No exhaust but two rectangular and one circular assembly built in flush with the fuselage. All had slats, vertical or horizontal.
I have another photo of a Canadian transportation air crash investigation plane that was on a PBS special Tues.
Stay tuned


I recorded the special on Feb. 17th and found this:
Tis identical configuration of spray equipment installed on our first weather mod. plane at DVA. It belongs to the Transportation Board of Canada. Please look for reruns of this special where you will find at least 3 Chemtrail spraying birds near the end.
and don’t forget this guy on Super Bowl Sunday.
Again I ask all of you to take a good look at the planes parked at any airport near you. I now have 4 different aircraft with exactly the same modifications that Pratt & Whitney knows nothing about!!!
Happy Trails all

Sorry for the lack of elaboration Clifford. I can no longer remember who I’ve sent what.
My interest was originally triggered by watching our monsoon storms just collapse as they approached Phoenix proper. This began in the 2000 season. The local weatherheads were dumb founded! My wife and I were totally pissed off since we love violent rain and wind storms.
By 2002, I started noticing that all white Citation and Lear jets were taking off from DVA as soon as the storm clouds appeared on the horizon. I watched over and over again as they flew directly into the most towering thunderheads and within about 30 mins., the storms simply collapsed. What really tipped me off was observing KC-135s laying a white mist in front of and over the tops of the clouds. This pattern always started between the on coming storms and downtown Phoenix.
Clifford, many times we had huge thunder storms all around Pnx in every direction and we did not get a drop of rain.
Well, on Oct.7th, 2002 I drove over to DVA which is about 5 miles due East of our home. Here is what was sitting on the tarmac, along with several other similar planes. All were white with no logos of any kind:
I walked right up to this a/c and took photos of the front and rear of the engines:
This plane has exactly the same modifications as the Homeland security plane shown on Super Bowl Sunday and the one on the PBS special about the crash of the Swiss Air plane that ran this week. That special also showed 3 planes laying down typical Chemtrails. Just yesterday, two fellow researchers and I got photos at DVA of a different a/c with similar adaptations. After we had circled the plane several times taking pics, it was towed away into a hanger.
We were told not to approach a much larger plane sitting next to it due to motion sensing security alarms in place.
This is still a work in progress. Rahni Somen has been give exclusive rights to the whole story with photos when complete to put on her “Anomalies Incorporate” site. You will have a link if you wish.
Your probably know that I’ve vetted the photos with Pratt & Whitney headquarters and received confirmation that they have never seen anything like the adaptations made to their power plants. I have emails from them to that effect.
More as I get it Cliff. Thanks for your interest! You are welcome to call me…


From: Sid Pennington [mailto:Sid_pennington@…] Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2004 11:59 AM To: TAP Subject: Fw: Modifications to your FJ 44 Series engines

Dear Mr. Wilson,
I spoke Ron last week about some modifications that have been made to your FJ 44 series engines. These are very similar to attachments being made to Citation and Lear jet planes here in Phoenix and all over the country. Pratt & Whitney corporate hq was sent copies of my photos and verified that they are not standard and had no explanation for them. Could you forward this info to Ron? I’ve tried every variation of the email address he gave me (see below) and cannot get it sent to him. Really would appreciate it. Thanks,
Sid Pennington


Dear Mr. Schwedland,
Forgive me error concerning you email address. Thank Jim for the relay.
Perhaps I’m being obsessive on the subject of weather modification but it is happening and it is illegal both by U.S. law and international law.
I first became aware of the activity three years ago when my wife and I noticed that every time a typical monsoon storm approached Phoenix, all white Citation and Lear twin jets took off from Deer Valley Municipal Airport and headed directly into the most violent parts of the oncoming thunder storms and within 20/30 minutes the clouds collapsed! No rain, no wind, no nothing.
My suspicions were highly aroused. Our home is several miles West of the main runway and the planes often are low enough to shake our house. Last Oct. 7th a huge storm was approaching from the North, the planes were leaving every 20 minutes or so and I took a ride over to DVA. Here is what greeted me right in front of the terminal:
This a/c is/was registered to RBK Aviation Inc. in Wilson WY. No logos on this plane, or any others of it’s ilk at DVA.
Front view of engine. P & W model JT15D-1A. Manufacturer: Cessna. Model: 501. Please note the crudely attached scoop and an odd sensor at the 2 O’clock position in front of the turbine blades.
This was the clincher and exactly what I expected to find. There is a tube running between the engine housing and the cowling. It makes a 90 degree turn into the exhaust. My best guess is that these tubes spray “Dyno-Mat”, or Dyno-Gel. Both were developed in the late 80s as super moisture absorbing chemicals.
I really would like your expert opinion on the housing extending down from the center of the cowlings. Your FJ 44 series engines seem to have equivalent structures. All of these photos went to Pratt & Whitney corporate HQ in CN. After phone calls from and emails that zipped back and forth, the last word was that they knew nothing about these modifications and I should contact the U.S. government.
Well Ron, I had already done that with every agency that should have info on this issue. Out of hundreds of emails, calls and faxes, I got one form letter from one of our local state reps. Enclosed was a personal note to me from an Air Force Lt. Col. telling me I had nothing to worry about! Easy for him to say.
I have no agenda here Ron other than truth. I’ve been informed by a few insiders that should know, that this black operation is the most highly classified in U.S. history and is a small part of the high flying KC-130, and 135s that are laying down all those “contrails” that last all day and spread out all over the sky day and night.
I’m merely a very concerned citizen that believes the public has a right to truth about what we tax payers are spending the billions of $s that this all must cost.
If you are uncomfortable, or fearful of responding, I certainly can relate. I must ask though.
Thanks in advance for any help and if you would like photos of other planes adapted in this way, just request them.
Sincerely yours,
Sid Pennington


Hi Patty,
Have I noticed that we are not getting rain? You betcha! It’s been consuming what ever time I can spare for 4 years now. It’s one hellava story Patty. You can find a lot of it on previous posts to Pac-pc. Mike and Bridget have been assisting with the investigation and I am soooo glad to have their help.
Rather than tell you about it, I would prefer you do your own observations. Next time you see cumulous storm clouds approaching from any direction, note and photograph what is between Pnx and the oncoming storm and what is above the cloud formations. Bet you see slightly different looking “stuff” being spread out like a fuzzy wall all around and over the rain clouds. That is the key to understanding what is being done.
Us un-documented private eyes (M&B) have the proof to go along with the accusations
Stay tuned!


Hi Jim
I’m very pleased to see your report. Adds to building my own sense of sanity. Yup, I noticed the connection between a loss of our monsoon season, indeed, almost ALL rain storms over the last 4 years.
Please provide more info on your observations: Where are you located, what time of day, were their any cumulous clouds about, were there typical PCs overhead and what exactly did the yellow pipes look like?
I’m begging everyone to take a close look at all the business type Citation and Lear jets parked at any airport you visit. This means municipal airports, not military!!! Some prudence must be applied.
Here is my first weather mod. plane I photographed at Deer Valley Airport:
Oct. 7th 2002
I’ve acquired at least 4 more photos of identically modified engines from various sources. This includes one of two aircraft Mike, Bridget and I photographed last month.
Both of the planes have tubes about 1? in dia. inserted into the exhaust. They run down the sides of the engine housing but inside the cowling covering them.
There are other modifications as well. I’ve vetted these photos and others with Pratt & Whitney corp. headquarters. They are unable to explain their purpose and finally suggested I contact the U.S. government!!!!!
Got dozens more pics of other suspicious planes and an explanation of what exactly they are doing. You may phone me to discuss this whole investigation and if you, or any of the rest of you wish to see what I have gathered over the last 5 years, you are welcome to stop by our home to share our mutual materials and observations.


Yup, no chem/bio attack on Friday. Right on Bridget! We can all surmise the reason. Since we were experiencing chem super storms for the last 4/5 days before Fri., I was expecting to feel the results by yesterday. Well, guess what? Last night around 8PM I started the deadly symptoms that damn near killed me 2 months ago. A dry and unstoppable cough with nothing to cough up.
I immediately took an extra dose of Coll. Silver and tons of immune system boosters.
This morning the symptoms are all but gone. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Catherine in Alabama emailed me this AM saying they got blasted there last week. She is wondering if they spray nationwide on certain days. I wonder too.


Wow, I can’t do nothin no mo Can’t post to pac-pc, or SC. I’ve re-installed all kind of stuff and run every test on Norton 2004 edition. Yeah, it does show problems but no way to fix em!
Will keep trying. Hope you all are alright and keeping the faith. E. me directly if you wish to know anything special. You folks at SC, the Boylan post just keeps sending the same huge file. I’ve gotten it about 20 times and nothing else. Trust me, I only sent it once!
God how I hate the 21st century


Bridget n all,
Chems were mentioned often last night on CtoC by callers, not the host! A private pilot in Seattle said he sees them all the time and they have been especially heavy lately. Another mentioned that they are destroying the rain storms (Well dah) If you were in Phoenix today and watching carefully, you could easily observe the soft mist being sprayed in and around the cumulous clouds approaching the city. We got not a drop of rain at our house yet. Hoping for tonight.


The only conclusion I can come to is that the “planes” were not > really there to begin with. That would then suggest that they were > some sort of illusion or hologram to conceal something else. Toni and all, **************** That is exactly what I now believe. In order for this to have happened to me, I had to be in precisely the right spot relative to the aircraft!!! I could not have happened were I anywhere else. Can’t explain it, but there it is <gulp>


Excellent point Marg. Yes, I believe that technology has been in use for decades. The British during WW11 found that putting bright flood lights on the sides of their tanks made them almost invisible in the daytime. Astonishing, yes? Works for ships too. In my case, nothing like that works. All three were clearly visible and identifiable till they passed in back of trees. They did not come out the other side.I have no explanation cept the show was meant for “me”. Don’t ask!


Brenda and all, A funny thing happened yesterday. I was talking to my daughter in (on) Maui and she said “Boy did I get a shock last week!” Well of course I asked her about what. Tina said: Dad! 9-11 was a complete lie!!! There were probably no humans aboard any of the aircraft, no plane hit the Pentagon and WTC 1&2 were brought down by controlled implosions!!!! And guess what she continued: “You were right all along about Chemtrails!” Well, I was gracious enought to not point out that it was Tina who called my attention to the CTs four and a half years ago while visiting Marilyn and I that Xmas. So what else did you find out says I? Get this, says she: WTC-7 was brought down in the same manner and is NEVER mentioned in the media. No shit? says I. Yup! There is a local radio host in Hawaii that is honest and un-afraid to speak the truth. I was impressed. I asked her to send me all the info on him so that I could pass it on to all of you folks. I shall do so and then you can congradulate him, or call the FBI. Alas, the Feebs will not talk to me. I tried to warn them of possible local terrorist activites and they simply hung up with out listening to a word. Honest to God! Anyhow, it was a wonderful fathers day present to know me lil daughter is “connected” <smile> More from the shadows soon


Sorry Folks, My pute is acting up and I wanted to get the photo out before I crash. It shows exactly the pattern of storm cloud destruction that we have experienced for the last 4 monsoon seasons. 10 minutes after I took the photo, a Citation jet left from DVA and headed straight for the clouds shown on the horizon. Look for the dark mist between Pnx and the incoming storm. Also, there is a typical CT over the tops of them. I spoke to John Carroll at Fox 10 TV Saturday about all this and I must say he was cordial and not surprised. Told me he would watch this year for what I described. Those of you in other drought stricken areas, please check out your sky for this type operation. Got a rain check?


Well Folks, I gone and done it! Sent the 9-11 forward to the wrong person I suppose. AOL has banned me from sending anything to their users. I had to change my primary Cox email to: <from_sid@…> If this gets to you please use this address till we see what happens. Sorry, I should know better than to screw with NSA! Thanks all


Anyone in areas experiencing unusual drought periods, please examine the attached photos taken yesterday. This is quite typical of the pattern we’ve experienced for the last 5 years in Phoenix. I have hundreds of similar photos in my files taken during the “non-soon” seasons we’ve had since 1999. Note the darker gray mist-like formations between Phoenix and the oncoming storm clouds. Almost always, similarly colored straight line (CT-Like) formations are placed over the tops of the storms. I suspect the higher ones are laid down by KC-130/135s and the lower ones by our Citation and Lear jet friends leaving DVA and other locations at the onset of every threatening rain storm. I would appreciate all of you keeping an eye out for this pattern in your areas and reporting to me if you notice them. Photos would be nice as well… Eyes on the sky


All, In fairness to my constant bitchin about our non-soon, it actually rained for 7 minutes at our home. I timed it 🙂 This was yesterday (7-12-2004) and the huge thunder clouds were almost completely surrounding Pnx. The citations were flying out o DVA and heading straight for the largest formations. Attached is a photo of one of them returning. Granted, you can hardly make it out. Tis right in the center and I include it only to prove it was there. The plane is coming home from a flight of about 30 mins. Went out of DVA passing roughly a mile to our SE and prolly ~800’in alt. …and guess what folks, when I tried to save this email to drafts folder, my toaster flat lined! Could not re-access my email at all, not even the Cox home page. This is troubling…


Bridget n all, Of course this has been an on going prob for me <yikes> Got a notice this AM that AOL users are having really serious issues re: email since yesterday. One more reason not to use it…


Bridget and the rest o you slackers, I is still here. Not talkin much, perhaps that is for the best. I think the bird prob is due to the weakening magnetic field along with the rest of the crap we all know is being dumped on us to do their filthy work…. I contacted <> today by phone. Had a very productive chat with Dennis (engineer), they do rain seeding for a living. I pointed out that we could really use some of their talents here in the SW. Sent him photographic proof of the DVA activity. I’m anxiously awaiting the shoe to drop. Got two high risk probes from the DOD immediately after the exchange. Should I vanish, just ask ?s…OK?


Paul Huttner Chief Meteorologist KGUN9 – TV
Dear Mr. Huttner, My family resides in Phoenix and we first noticed the extreme reduction in our traditional monsoon storms 5 years ago. I started my own research into the issue 2 years later. One of the many things I noticed was that twin engine Citation and Lear jets were taking off from Deer Valley Airport and flying directly into the centers of the largest cumulous formations approaching Phoenix proper. About 20/30 minutes later, the clouds simply collapsed. This has been on-going and in fact in progress over the last 3 days. I’ve amassed thousands of photos of the process as it proceeds and close up and personal photos of the aircraft on the ground. The pics show the adaptations made to the engines and I have vetted them with Pratt & Whitney corp. hdqtrs. in CN and Canada. They phoned me to verify that they have never seen anything like the changes that were made and expressed extreme interest. About a month later, they apologized and told me I would have to follow up with the US government! The chaff explanation was passed by Phoenix residents 3+ years ago. It did not fly for many reasons. I did my homework with the author of the theory on the phone and by email. The Luke AFB PIO also dropped that as an explanation. If you wish to analize my own data, contact me at the above email or call. I’ve been in direct contact with almost every radio and TV weather person and every local and US agency that are even remotely responsible for the public interest in this matter.
Sid Pennington


Sidlet This is so on the money!! I’m saving this for the archieves just in case we do come out of this mess in one piece. It is good to know if any of the experts can stand up to speak the truth. We can always hope. Hugs, Bridget <> Within 2 hours of my conversation with weathermod’s Dennis and forwarding the photos, my puter was probed by 2 high risk attacks from the DoD. No word back from Dennis or Tucson. Hmmmmm sib


Webmaster, Perhaps you would be interested in some of the results of my own investigation into weather modification over the Phoenix area. You may be aware that our typical monsoon season has been absent for 5+ years. I took it upon myself to observe very carefully how the on-coming violent storms were being destroyed before reaching Pnx. proper. I visited Deer Valley Municipal Airport after seeing Citation and Lear twin jets taking off from there and flying directly into the largest cloud formations. Within 20/30 minutes, the clouds collapsed. Parked on the tarmac were some of the culprits. I’ve attached photos of a few of them. Many more available along with sequential photos of the resulting destruction of the storms.
The engine photos (front and rear) of N2158U were vetted by Pratt & Whitney corp hdqtrs in CN and Canada. They telephoned me upon receiving them and expressed great interest. Several weeks later, they sent me an email stating that they could not follow up and that I should contact the US government! N1AG was towed away from myself and two others as we were taking photos of it. The gentleman who stole it told us NOT to take any more photos or airport security would be all over us! Interested? Sincerely, Sid Pennington


Hi List Members: I just got off the phone with Marylyn Pennington calling with bad news … Sid had a heart attack about 1:30 this morning and died about 2 hours later … Don’t really know what to say… I have lost an irreplaceable friend … Thought you’d like to know …


I am posting this today with deep sadness. Our senior member, Sid Pennington, from (People Against Chemtrails, Phoenix Chapter) died early yesterday morning.
It is by the grace of God, that we all have each other to move forward in our effort to uncover the truth….

Sid was courageous.
One morning Sid called Mike and I to meet him at an airport…this was a heavy chem.-day. He had his camera and went right out on the tarmac to take pictures of the modified aircraft…we are talking real guts here. This is a funny story, suffice it to say, we got our pictures.
The photos are available to any sincerely interested party. We have seen this kind of courage, or we simply would not be thousands of people strong. It is part of the foundation that we continue to grow on. He corresponded and sent photocopies to the manufacturers of various aircraft. I will tell you honestly; this is just the tip of the iceberg, in terms of Sid going out on a limb to uncover the truth.
Sid was highly intelligent.
He could collect documents and data with an absolute passion. Again, where would any of us be without our Sid or Donna, Diane, Toni? I shudder to think, we would be sunk.
Sid was kind. His door was open to everyone. He never let paranoia get in the way of his big heart.
I was with him on Thursday, sharing ideas and documentation. I feel weakened without his strength and wisdom, but we will continue at and will have to redouble our determination. I spent most of yesterday with Marilyn, Sid’s widow.
Most of us have learned to be skeptical in these times of universal deceit, but I think Sid died of natural causes, ultimately his heart.
I will tell you, not a few agencies (you all know the lists) will be relieved, not to have this Bull Dog chomping at their heels.
He will be deeply missed by very many people, not the least will be me.
Best regards,