CO2 is one of 3 elements necessary for healthy forests and agriculture, along with sunlight and moisture.
To portray it as our enemy is the new fairy tale.


                    A lone voice crying in the wilderness during the Phoenix "tea-party" on 4/15/09

While everyone continues to be in turmoil due to scary health issues, real but frightening, there is a more disastrous act playing out in our skies, oceans and land.

Morgellons, swine flu, the economy and finally the coup d'etat, global warming / climate change: Are you frightened yet?

Well sorry, there is a real monster lurking in the side wings ~ there is a more disastrous act playing out in our skies, oceans and land, but wait; it must be jet fuel in our skies. Okay never mind, the hideous scribbling in our skies are only to make us sick or to kill our forests, never mind that the worst has yet to come and we will be forced to pay for our own graves by saving the world from CO2, with a tax that might cover the cost of our burial.

No fancy caskets necessary when saving us from the horror of global warming / climate change.

        (Photo by Rodney, USMC)

Just take our money, and let us Rest In Peace.

CO2 is not our enemy. It has become the new twin tower disaster, post crash.

We are seeing here in Arizona something way beyond chemtrails, which are now a small part of a much larger picture.  We are calling it "geo-engineering".  The aerosol spraying continues at night, and up very high.  But it's getting harder to point to the classic "chemtrails".  Our whole environment is now being managed by a not-very-benevolent tyranny, from the makeup of our atmosphere, to energy systems flowing past and through us, to our water and food, and into our bodies, our very DNA.

We who have been watching the skies for over a decade recognize the fibrous nature of the "clouds" we now see every day. 


Our trees and ground stay relentlessly dry, no matter how much "rain" falls on them, or how much we water them. This is because of the desiccant nature of the metals we now find in    our air.

Many "syndromes" attack our health and the quality of life itself. 

This is all due to the multi-faceted geo-engineering program which the the current world regime is swiftly making legitimate, to fight "Global Warming / Climate Change", that is to attack us, the natural-born humans of planet earth.

Many issues of weather modification and health, which seemed so separate before, are now merging into one overwhelming issue of survival, for ourselves and our loved ones.

For instance, Ginger Savely, a nurse practitioner well-known for treating the controversial Morgellons and Chronic Lyme diseases, has found that approximately 10 percent of her chronic Lyme patients had the fibers, lesions and skin-crawling sensations characteristic of Morgellons. She says overall, about 95 percent of Morgellons patients she has treated are co-infected with Lyme disease. Savely postulates that Lyme may weaken the immune system, making patients more vulnerable to whatever pathogen causes Morgellons, though she does not know what that pathogen is.  And Cindy Casey R.N., Director of the Charles Holman Foundation, has said "...when people say they have these fibers attached to the skin that don't come out, that are very adherent, in a way they are kind of turning into plants." (Public Health Alert Vol 4, Issue 6, June 2009)

                        (Photo by Blue)

Please check out this  video trailer  to get a look at the other side of the Global Warming debate. Make no mistake, Global Warming / Climate Change is the rationale behind Global Geo-Engineering. It is the new world jihad, even now being touted, to religious leaders, as a "moral imperative" by Al Gore's minions. CO2 is the new Osama Bin Laden.

We have pleaded with some of you to oppose this massaged and manipulated science called global warming with the axis of evil = CO2. Now it has taken on a life of its own. You know the saying, “who needs enemies with friends like this?” ~ Kudos to the mis-information specialists and their highly decorated and degreed minions.

Do we sound cranky, it is because we are. We realize the full extent of where all the grandstanding, cyber-chatter, digging in of the heels, back stabbing, in house liars, and plain-out inability to work in concert has taken us.

We failed to protect our future with our own stupidity and arrogance which has brought us full circle to where we will pay dearly and monetarily for our own demise.

The big bad enemy CO2 is holding the reigns on this runaway basket to hell. To all the self-satisfied collaborators: thank you so much for sharing your fast held data on global warming / climate change, telling us that you are an expert, the years of study you claimed to have but never shared, obviously because it did not exist. No apology necessary, but thanks.

We take our hat off to all of the famous self ingratiating crusaders, BRAVO.

You managed to pave the road to hell, quite a feat for only a mere human, for even less than 30 pieces of silver.                                                                                                                                       (Photo by Sharon)

Yes, we are sick to think we could have been on the same page at least 3 years ago (at the Inconvenient Truth Rally in L.A.), but this was not to be. Okay, now we remember someone (WH) said we should "support" global warming to prove our case regarding aerosol spraying. A very clever misdirection at the very least, but too many faces “gleamed” in the mirror of flattery. What a simple minded joke!

The issue of CTs or if you wish to call what is in our sky CONtrails, has now become a joke, not a funny hilarious joke, but one that contains all the frailties of human nature, ego, self serving and self-appointed positions.

Argue all day long about Climate Change, if this is your desire, but know that CO2 is not our enemy. Climate always has, and always will, change. And now this phony enemy will be used to legitimize deadly, overwhelming programs of geo-engineering, like the spraying of poisonous aerosols which we have been seeing overhead for more than 10 years.

To the “independent thinkers”, wielding a big olive branch, who claimed 2 years ago, that to discuss aerosol spray of our precious skies would dilute the message of 9/11, we take our hat off to you for now being an expert on the topic of Morgellons. You have pointed to the horrible truth that we all see, the connections between electro-magnetics, fibrous chemtrails, and living synthetic, biological "life" forms invented to enslave, sicken, and kill us.

We are sincerely amazed at the speed of human comprehension when eminence is only one step away and that much closer to the summit of internet, big fish in a small pond, superstardom.

We pray this will always be an academic pontification for you and not the real life horror of infestation.

We also wish to thank all the half hearted “troopers”, and mindless supporters of the current regime, who to this day do not understand that mercury vapor IS NOT THE SAME AS LIQUID MERCURY. We realize how embarrassing it must have been 2 years ago, when we asked you to help us secure proper labeling on Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs. This must have seemed like a ridiculous request, maybe like trying to explain the intricacies and inconsistencies surrounding 9/11.

Gosh, we bet many people didn’t want to believe the mercury vapor might help them to an early grave. How many ways can a person say what is true?
Did we mention that the money you saved on Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs won’t cover the cost of your early departure? In fact, the money earned by a chosen few is not going to be offered to you.

Deepest heart-felt appreciation, though, to the few who have held out for the truth, and against overwhelming odds, have done what they can to turn the tide.

Those who, like
Kathy, have spoken bravely in public, and one-on-one, to show people what is right in front of our eyes.
She wants to remind you that you can do this too.

Those who, like Blue, have worked to prove the inconceivable, that we are being manipulated and poisoned beyond our wildest science-fiction nightmares.

Those who, like Alex and Larry, have used all their talents to bring the truth forward, whatever the cost.

Those who, like Fred, have shown the truth to their fellow-workers, not fearing the loss of job or career, simply because speaking the truth was the right thing to do.

Many more than we can mention here have been using their talents to raise awareness of what is being done to us. Their pictures, videos, links and articles can be found on this website and elsewhere. None of these people are "stars".  We are all broken and needy, but we still have the power, from our Creator, to stand up for the truth and refuse to be stonewalled or rolled over. We do this for the sake of all His creatures, especially for our children and grandchildren, who are not being given an even break, and are being hustled towards brutal illness and an early death.

And the early death will come from something worse than being taxed to oblivion by Cap and Trade schemes. It will come from the whole complex of Geo-Engineering practices that the happy customers of the Global Warming / Climate Change Fraud have bought into, hook, line, and sinker:
(Note: In this wash from rain runoff, mature trees getting the most water are dead)

                                                      (Photo by Sharon)

     Aerosols of heavy metals and synthetic biologicals in our air, to our ground, water, food, and into our bodies.

     Dumping iron in the ocean to create algae bloom as a carbon sink, to battle dirty old CO2. Oh too bad that the microscopic
     little plants choke millions of fish.

     Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs, assembled by slaves in China, to poison our children with mercury vapor when they
     break them at home while we are out working to pay our Carbon Taxes.

     Self-levitating, photo-activated particles in our atmosphere down to ground level, to block out UV radiation and "cool" the
     earth, although simple observation truthfully records that they heat the atmosphere and the earth, and invade our bodies.

     Global dimming and global drought, due to the above aerosols, full of desiccant metals, which promote fungal and mold
     growth, deplete our bodies of the all-important Vitamin D, stunt our food crops, and fill our blood streams with toxins. Oh,
     but don't worry, we have Genetically Modified Foods that don't need so much of that nasty CO2, water, or sunlight. So they
     poison us and promote obesity and diabetes in record amounts? Oh well, so much collateral damage, at least we are
     "saving" the environment.

     Electromagnetic waves, from HAARP installations and GWEN towers, propagated through the plasma created by the
     above aerosols, to interfere with - oops, we mean "enhance" - our bodily, mental and emotional lives.

                                                       (Photo by Sharon)                                            (Photo by Sharon)

Let's be clear -- climate always changes.

In 2001, the story was that jet fuel burned hot enough to melt steel girders and bring down skyscrapers. Now the fable says that CO2, one of the main nutrients of life on earth, is terrorizing our environment and must be stamped out.
(Photo by Sharon)