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What we call “sparklies” (or “smart dust”) are particulates that we are noticing after sunrise on cool days. We think they are in the cooler layer of air that is near the ground in the early morning and then as the air becomes warmer at sunrise, they become more active. This is also seen during dark night-time hours, by using a flashlight. They seem to be excited by the sunlight or flashlight, and they move in a “flocking manner”. Our eyes don’t notice them, focussing on more solid things in the background, but the camera catches them. They seem to be semi-transparent, flat and thin, they remind us of a shiny type of silicon. Whatever they are, we don’t want to be breathing them.
Smart Dust

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Smart Dust Foreground 2013-12-25 (heavy at 1:50)
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Smart Dust from Chemtrails Engineer the Earth
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Arizona Geo-Engineering Chemtrails Smart Dust
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Smart Dust Flocks in Early Sunlight
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“Snow” in Front of Oleanders
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What in the World Are We Breathing? (Ronnie)
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We had heard of “dry rain” before, full of dessicant chemicals instead of water. Sometimes the mix includes almost no water, and then the rain is noticeably dry. These videos share our experience in Pinetop, Az, in April, 2008, and more recently in Phoenix.
Dry Rain

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Dry Rain – You can feel it, but it’s not wet
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Rainy – dry – rainy – dry (Pinetop, Az.)
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Dry Rain in Phoenix (Bridget)
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Dry Rain in Phoenix (Donna)
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Bridget & Mike on NY Sky Watch re: HAARP and Chemtrails

Secret Chemtrail Pilot Speaks
Chemtrail Pilot – “Indigo Skyfold” Program
Ex-USAF Bio-Engineer Blows the Whistle on Chemtrails
Chemtrail Testimony before the EPA
Space Fence – Full Planetary Lockdown 2017
New Manhattan Project
New Manhattan Project Update
We’re Living in a “Test” Already
UNconventional Shade of Grey – Trailer (from Michael Murphy)
Chemtrails and Project Blue Beam
NASA and Project Bluebeam
Strange Sounds Heard All Over the World
Frankenskies – Full-Length Documentary
Chemtrails Concealing Something in the Heavens? (esp. 12:45 on)

Alex and Larry Seymour (California):
Aerosol Attack
Stop Spraying Us
Chemtrail Activist

Clifford Carnicom (New Mexico) :
Aerosol Crimes
Aerosols, Morgellons, Electro-Magnetism
Interview on Exopolitics TV

Right to Breathe Healthy Air: L.A. City Hall Demonstration — 03/23/2006
See Mike and Bridget play “Lines in the Sky” with Ali from Mali:
Click Here to watch Ken Hildebrand’s “Across the Country”
Click Here to see Scott Stevens’ keynote speech (photographed by Pete Hunter)

Some Things You Can Do :
Tempe Arizona March Against Chemtrails – 01/25/2014 (Thanks Kirk!)
Phoenix, Az, Anti-War (on us) Protest – 2006
LA Chemtrail protest 2006, with Kathy Ornstein
LA Group Banners the 405 Freeway – 2011
Kathy at Venice Beach – April, 2009     Part 1     Part 2

We the People Know Chemtrails (Mohave County, Az)
Chemtrail Fallout Analysis in California
Chemtrails in Gilbert, Arizona (+ excellent sound track)
Chemtrails Captured on Doppler Radar = NOT Contrails
Chemtrail Rings in Southwest Phoenix
Chem Spray and Spread-outs
Trail with Dark Line
Black Chemtrails and Carbon Dust
Toothpaste Chem Lines
Popcorn Trail
Popcorn Trail in Chemmed Sky
Chemmed Sky in Las Vegas
Trail on Vegas Chem Sky
Children Know About Chemtrails
Chemtrails in Tucson Making Us Sick
Metallic Salts and Chemtrails – Carnicom 2008
Danger in the Sky – The Chemtrail Phenomenon
Bye Bye Blue Sky – Documentary
Look Up – Movie Trailer
Videos from Jabberskywatcher in Phoenix     1      2
Chemtrail Factory at Tinker AF Base     1      2
Kristen Meghan – Geo-Engineering Whistleblower
German Aerospace Worker – “I Installed Chemtrails Devices”
Phoenix Sky Day Before Strange Snow/Hail Storm
5 Spray Planes in Formation
KC 10 Sprayer in Canada
Filming from Behind a Chemtrail Plane
Chemtrails – The Secret War
Automatic Chemtrails
Clouds of Secrecy – Cadmium Sprayed on the Public
NWO Poisoning Rain Water
NWO and Chemtrails – Rosalie Bertell (2005)
Chemtrails – The Climate Industrial Complex – Harold Saive
Climate Manipulation in the Pacific
Persistent and Non-Persistent Chemtrails (Mike in Sardinia)
Don’t Talk About the Weather Documentary     4     6     7
Chemtrail Heatwave 2012 – DVD Preview
Chemtrails – On the Trail of our Assassins
Dangers of Radiation Energies to Humans – Pt. 1 of 13

Morgellons Disease (A Chemtrail Effect, or Part of the Agenda?) —
Chemtrails and Morgellons
Morgellons, Bio-Terror Diseases & Transhumanism
Human 2.0 – Wake Up Call
Morgellons & Smart Dust Infect Individuals to be Tracked via Satellite
Chemtrail – Nano – Morgellons GEMS
Smart Dust and Morgellons
Jan’s Blinking Morgellons Particulate
Smart Dust and Morgellons Explained
Chemtrail Webs
Fibers from the Sky in Texas
Filaments falling from the skies over Wexford (Ireland)
Lab Results of Filaments falling from the skies over Wexford
Chemtrails & Microfibers on the Ground
Chemwebs / Fibers – 6/25/15
NASA Brand on Morgellons Fiber
Snowflakedness – Weird Snow
Webs near Tucson, Arizona
Morgellon Silent Superbug     Part 1     Part 2
Morgellons Affliction (Crystal River)
Morgellons Methodology
Biostructions, Dendrimers, Buckyballs etc.
Morgellons Disease – KTVU Ch. 2
Chemtrails and Morgellons – Dr. Staninger on Rense

HAARP and Electromagnetic Warfare
Canadian Broadcast on HAARP     Part 1     Part 2
Dr. Nick Begich on HAARP – 2006     1     2     3     4     5     6     7
HAARP and Earthquakes
Fukushima and HAARP – from Finnish nuclear technician
HAARP, Bushes, Clintons and Haiti
Barrie Trower on 5G Microwaves
Microwave Biological Weapons vs. Humans
Earthquake, EMP, 5G Attack Plans
Sun Simulator + 5g WiFi to LiFi + LED Bulbs + A.I.
US Navy Creates Plasma in Upper Atmosphere Using HAARP
Project BlueBeam & the Phoenix Lights     Part 1   Part 2
Project BlueBeam – Real Reason for Chemtrails
Ionizing Transmitters – Sardinia
Chemtrail Ionization Satellite View – Part 1
HAARP Prevents Snowpack in the Sierras
HAARP Causing California Drought?
Oroville Dam Being Sabotaged (HAARP etc.)
California Drought by HAARP
HAARP Technology, from Project Managers
HAARP Activity over Arizona
Methane Doomsday – HAARP Melting the Arctic
So.California – Chemtrails & HAARP Patterns
Radar Anomalies over Switzerland
Microwave Weaponry use on people – Barrie Trower
Wi-Fi Dangers to Health – Barrie Trower
Testimony Against 5G Medical Effects
More Testimony Against 5G Medical Effects
Testimony Against 5G by an EMF Expert
5G Getting Turned On in US Cities
5G Test – Hundreds of Birds Fall From the Sky
Telecom Workers Warn of 5g Dangers
EMF Wake-up Call
Smart Meter Health Impacts
Nerve-Disrupting Frequencies from Smart Meters
Blocking Smart Meter Radiation
How to make a Smart Meter Cover
ADHS Bogus Smart Meter Study
GWEN Palm Tree
Cell Towers Exposed
Phone Towers EMP Weapons
MK-Ultra and “Radar” Brain Control
Against Geo-Engineering (Much good info in these videos. But ASW does not agree that there is a scientific basis for CO2-caused “Climate Change”; so, no need to “regulate” or “limit” these operations, they should be abolished entirely!)
Engineered Drought Catastrophe – California (Dane W.)
Weather Modification in U.K. Evidence

Unusual Clouds and Holes
Sudsy Sky
Sweden Cloud Rotor
HAARP Geo-Engineering in Connecticut (Ronnie)
Rolling Cloud – Horizon to Horizon
Turkey – Interesting Cloud
Hole-Punch 1
Hole-Punch 2
Hole over Istanbul

Chemtrail Cartoons —
One Full Day of Chemtrails
Another Full Day of Chemtrails
Persistent Contrails are a Hoax
Disney Perception Management – “Planes”

Chemtrail Music Videos —
Merle Haggard Hates Chemtrails
How to Fight Back Chemtrails
Chemtrails – ly6480
When Will We Learn?
Stop Chemtrails protest – Norway
The Chem-Trail Blues
Chemtrails Blues by Slippery When Wet
Homage – Digital Clouds
HAARP Wave Iridescent Clouds
Up, Up in the Sky – by Kate Magdalena Willens
Skull – Cry Die (Reggae)
The Big Daddy
The Chemtrail Song – by trillion feat.Luca
Lou Christie – Beyond the Blue Horizon
The Spook – Into the sky
DeuceBug – Sky’s Gone
The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds
The Sky
Who Are You? – by Carole Pelatt
Global Warming – “Hide the Decline”

Local News — Shreveport, LA
Talk Jock Tries to Silence Chemtrails
Scott Stevens Weather Wars Promo (Select “Watch in High Quality”)
Chemtrail Spraying Seen from Inside the Plane
Inside Spray Planes
Chemtrails Inside and Out
A Chemtrail Awakening
Ultimate Proof of Chemtrails
Chemtrails Exposed – 2008
Lufthansa Commercial Jet Spraying
Chemtrail Changing into Strange Shapes
4-Planer Chemtrails and Time Lapse (min.4-7 blank)
Vaccines True Intentions – Pentagon
Vaccines and Autism
Forced Vaccinations Planned for All Americans
Global Warming a.k.a. Climate Change / Shift / Disruption
The Great Global Warming Swindle – Full Length
Global Warming Hoax Planned in 1961
Climate Change and Your Extermination
Disney – 1959 – Weather Control in the Future (like Today)
Chemtrails in 1965 Outer Limits TV Show
CO2 Truth Alert – Plants Thrive, Not a Pollutant
Carbon Dioxide in perspective
Climate Change Hoax & Gravy-Train Scientists
Geo-Engineer with Aluminum Aerosols – from the Horse’s Mouth
Fake Snow and Bio-Polymers
The Global Warming Lie (jbreezes):     Part 1     Part 2

More Smart Dust —
Fallout Analysis (Mike in Sardinia)
Particles in the Night Sky – England
Chemtrail Particles
Stuff in the Air (Not Snow) – Colorado
Dry Particle Storm in Germany
Smart Dust GPS in Chemtrails
Smart Dust Very Heavy 2013-12-16
Smart Dust Heavy Flow – 2013-12-16
Smart Dust Floating Dense 2013-12-05
Smart Dust Heavy 2013-12-10
Smart Dust Dense in Sunlight (upper left) 2013-12-10
Smart Dust Flocks in Light 2014-01-03

Indoctrination of Children
Chemtrail Cell Phone Commercial
Experimental Spraying
Military Experiments on Us During the “Cold War”
G. Edward Griffin on Chemtrails / SAG
Climate Change and National Security
Weather Modification and the U.S. Military
TS Nicole and Other Weather Manipulation
Hurricane Michael Engineered – Day 2
California Fires and Directed-Energy Weapons
The Real Reason Weather IS Manipulated
Chemmie Sunset

Chemtrails – Health and Environmental Effects
Health Effects in Mohave County, Arizona
Chemtrails, Autism, Morgellons, Eugenics etc.
Effects of Barium in our Blood
Emergency Health Alert – Barium in Arizona Blood Test
Chemtrails and Biowarfare
The Trees are Sick and Dying

Strange Animal Deaths Videos
Birds Falling Out of the Skies
100,000 Dead Bats in Australia
Australia – Chemtrails Killing Birds and Bees
Bolivia — Animal Deaths
Something strange is happening with insects
Dead Crabs on So.Cal Beaches

Chemtrail Videos from the U.S.A.
Glendale, Az (Galen)
Mohave County Chemtrails – We are Pissed Off!
Tucson, Az News Interviews About Chemtrails
Freedom, California
Fresno CA, Large Chem Dispersement
Los Angeles, CA, Time-Lapse Chemtrails
Chemtrail Plane Over California
Sacramento, California Chemtrails – 2/2016
Sacramento, California Chemtrails – 3/2016
Van Nuys California – from Truthseeker1922
Chemtrail Day in a Minute
Connecticut – In Memory of Our Blue Skies
Artificial Cloud Building in Connecticut
Hollywood, Fla
Winter Park, Fla
Bangor, Maine
Rainbow Chemtrail in Maryland
Aerosol Hit – NYC – Plane Vanishes
Las Vegas, Nevada – “Totally Natural” Cloud Formations
North Carolina (“In Plain Sight”, from Jacquie)
Austin, Tx —      1     2     3
Sheldon, Wisconsin

Chemtrail Videos from Around the World:
England — UK Government Admits Deadly Spraying
England — Aerosol Abuse over Cheshire
England — Lines in the Sky – Great Yarmouth
Chemtrail Plane Over Germany
Ireland – Blocking Out the Sun
Anti-Chemtrail Protest in Italy
Italy – Chemtrails over Naples
Milan, Italy
Poles Rally Against UN Climate Agenda

Unusual Vapor Trails —

Agenda 21 —
Agenda 21 Explained – Full Version
Agenda 21 for Dummies
Aaron Russo: Reflections and Warnings