Alert! Monster tornados causing massive destruction, killer droughts afflicting huge but well-defined regions, like the one precisely within the state borders of Texas, unexplained animal die-offs in huge numbers, forest fires more fierce than ever experienced before, melting polar ice, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis of suspicious origins and unusual signatures, shattered immune systems, and an unpublished pandemic of new auto-immune and parasitic diseases, Alzheimers-related dementia much more prevalent among younger populations....

This is the new reality that we and our children are suddenly inhabiting. This is not man-made global warming, this is man-made WARFARE against the natural-born humans across our world.

                                                                                                                                          (Photo by Sharon)

What we are seeing above our heads is not water vapor, or condensation trails.

Many soil and water, also air, and now even blood tests have confirmed over and over that we are being inundated with heavy metals:   aluminum, barium, manganese, iron, chromium, etc. 

You can see here how Robert, our fellow Arizonan, explains with Doppler Radar that these are not contrails at all.

These are chemical and biological aerosols, also called "chemtrails", that are one part of a hijacked natural system that is being weaponized in the war against us, the natural-born humans, the rightful heirs of creation.

                                      Photo by Rodney

Now we are seeing clouds that are mostly not water vapor, and a new "normal" has been established for what clouds and the sky look like.  This is re-enforced by false pictures of the sky in our major media. Now the atmosphere has been saturated with nano-particulates of metals and biologicals, that stay aloft longer, engineered to self-levitate with solar energy.  The directed-energy component of this system (like HAARP) can now make cloud configurations appear and disappear in seconds.  The aerosols have been distanced from the vehicles that spray them. Now they can be dispersed in dashes, or in small incremental amounts.  We have seen some of the trails that are invisible when they first come from the jets, and only appear after the jet has moved some distance away.

HAARP and Scalar Directed-Energy Weapons --

Besides the well-known site in Alaska, there are now HAARP-type sites around the globe (Note - The map excludes sites in Scandinavia, Chile, Cyprus, Tajikstan, Siberia and Antarctica), each capable of controlling (disrupting) the jet-stream and other global weather patterns. The HAARP sites, making use of the metallic plasma put into our atmosphere by chemtrails, and coordinated with the GWEN (Ground Wave Emergency Network) devices, are capable of controlling (interfering with) our very biological frequencies and brain waves as well.

You can see our many articles on HAARP technology, including patents, on our articles page. It heats the ionosphere with microwave energy, to the extent that it can fuse the ions and create a huge lens to focus energy / heat anywhere on the oceans and land masses of earth.  In the main patent, you can see that barium is essential to the wave medium used by HAARP energy.  Investigate for yourself.


Some of the effects of HAARP and directed-energy technology:

Depletes immune systems with metal nano-particulates and ELF / microwave energy beams.
Disrupts frequencies of DNA / RNA and natural healing.
Loosens bonds of molecular structures with "free energy from the vacuum", scalar (Tesla) directed-energy (frequency)
      weapons (e.g. WTC-911)
Manipulates and / or stalls the jet stream.
Manipulates the Electro-Magnetic Frequencies of the earth's energy grid.
Excites the ionosphere.
Extra-low frequency waves affect human moods and minds over large areas.

Biological Warfare - Morgellons and the new Auto-Immune Diseases  --

The heavy metals are degrading the health of ourselves, our children and all our loved ones.
Barium is known to attack the T-Cells in our bone marrow, which are vital to our immune systems, to cause hyper-tension and
     high blood pressure, and to damage the heart, liver and kidneys.

Inter-related auto
-immune diseases under various names, like Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue
Vaccine-induced pandemics of flu-like disease and autism
Morgellons nano-fiber disease, structures of self-assembling polymers and infectious agents, that invade our bodies as "smart
     dust" particulates, and construct artificial nervous systems responsive to external directed-energy weapons

Disastrous Results of Diabolical Geo-Engineering Operations --

Mass Bird and Fish Die-Offs (See our Strange Animal Deaths Forum)
Bees Colony Collapse Disorder
Bats White-Nose Syndrome
Manipulating the weather and making war-by-disaster upon natural-born humans, which includes hurricanes,
     tornadoes, floods, droughts, earthquakes, and temperature extremes. 
Wild deer and elk mad-prion diseases
Destroying natural foods with GMO counterfeits, which cannot be properly digested by natural-born humans.
"Smart dust" filling our atmosphere, self-assembling into polymer fibers
Filling our bodies with toxic amounts of several heavy metals, causing widespread disease and early death
Stalling the Gulf Loop (starting with the BP "oil spill")
.....and to add insult to injury, it's being paid for with our own hard-earned money


Climate Change, aka Global Warming, aka Climate Disruption --

The Global Warming scam, renamed "Climate Change" and "Climate Disruption" after temperatures cooled down, accuses Carbon Dioxide (CO2), one of the major nutrients in the balance of nature, of terrorism and destruction of our climate, to further the lying, greedy, Agenda-21 scheme of Al Gore's bosses, whose ultimate target is all God's creation, including natural-born humans.
   The Real Graph - Temperature Rise Precedes CO2 Rise                                                                                                                                                    The Inconvenient Lie - CO2 Rise Precedes Temperature Rise

Some stand to profit by promoting Global Warming / Climate Disruption and CO2 as terrorists costing billions of dollars in damage and threatening our lives and well-being. They need to be honest enough to talk about the effects of the aerosol and directed-energy weapons that are having a far worse effect on us and our environment.