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November 23, 2013 at 1:12 am #1111

from bridget – 01/03/20060

Hi Folks, I’m still with you. Everything looks to be going to hell in a hand
cart. Get busy fighting the only true platform we have. Call every person in
agriculture, asking them why there is no oversight from AG in S.517 and HR 2995,
"weather modification" Yes, I know we are fighting CT’s, but what is your
suggestion, if not this? Bridget

Beached Whales Shot In New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand (AHN) – The Department of Conservation says wildlife
officers shot 41 pilot whales beached on the South Island of New Zealand.

A total of 49 came ashore Saturday near Farewell spit in the second major
stranding in that area within the last two weeks.

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