Reply To: Dead birds in Key Largo, FLA – 03/16/2004

September 30, 2013 at 3:01 am #366

I live in Key Largo, Fl roughly about 2 hours south of you. We have
been getting blasted with chem trails. I recently learned that what
I thought were always contrails are actually chemtrails and the
importance of them and the nasty crap they are spraying on us.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. We have several
rottweilers and labs. We lost our female rottweiler last June to
canine lymphoma (cancer) her death was very sudden. She started
going to the vet a year ago for lumps in her throat. The vet assured
they were not cancerous. She was on various medications and the
lumps went away. In June the lumps returned so her medication
dosage increased. On Saturday June 7,2003 she was acting normal and
eating crackers with us all happy. By the following morning she
wouldn’t eat. Early in the afternoon we noticed a wet spot on her
fur and her fur was literally pulling away from the skin. she became
very lethargic and her legs started to swell and her breathing very
labored. We rushed her to an emergency animal clinic in South Miami.
She died on the table at the vet hospital 10 minutes after we
arrived. Vet said she had canine lymphoma. She was only 5 years
old and she loved being outside so she stayed outside all day. I
know the chems are what killed her.

Now since learning about chem trails and the nasty crap they are
spraying and tying that into our own constant illnesses, our dogs
stay inside except to go outside for potty. Don’t want them exposed
to the garbage they are spraying.

Cowboy, Key Largo, Fl