Reply To: West Coast marine life dying – 07/13/2005

October 30, 2013 at 1:59 am #841

California coast – my observations. The algae has increased, that is my main concern. Seagulls and seals dying more (carcasses on beach). They found a kind of turtle that for this part of the ocean is rare, trying to make her nest here.. The birds were going crazy -lots of chirping, more than usual – nightbirds. They even had a bit on a morning radio program in Santa Barbara, the DJ sent two of the station workers to a place where birds were diving down and attacking people, (all for a laugh) Do you suppose that they are now nesting closer to the ground and we are threatening to them? CTs forcing them to build their nests lower? Now that the chemtrails have not been employed for a while, it has calmed down a bit. Also there are animals attacking that shouldn’t be. A friend of mine got attacked by a skunk – damn thing ran at him and tried to bite him (now that was kinda funny) LOL.
Keep smiling people – we are gonna need to remember that. Love and Peace – Kimi