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October 30, 2013 at 4:34 pm #879

from bridget – 08/12/2005′, ‘Re: I’m still w/ this. "and nobody’s talking?? ..Bill

i wonder how long before this ‘bird flu virus’
> turns up in the U.S.? or has it already and nobody’s
> talking??
> ..Bill

Hi there Bill

Actually, I think it has already appeared here in some form
What makes it difficult to identify, much like CWD in the animal
kingdom, or Fibromyalgia among humans (to name only one of the many
illnesses); is that this type of organism is without cell walls; for
example Mycoplasma, but bioengineered.
It makes it difficult not only to identify in the scientific arena,
also our natural immune system can not find it.
This also allows the organisms to jump species, which is something
we are seeing more and more.
We are talking molecular mimicry of the worst kind.
Well at least we’re talking πŸ™‚ that is a beginning and our lifeline.
I have become supremely suspicious,,, "fool me once, shame on me,
fool me twice shame on you" type of mind set.

I ask myself, "How can this operation of Controlling the Weather, or
Weather Modification, continue right over our heads, without our
consent or knowledge, to the tune of billions of dollars and at the
expense of our very future, without so much as a ripple? We are
seeing extremely stringent control in the media, combined with daily
conditioning as to what is "normal".

Gosh, I’m going to a 9-11 meet-up, but these folks don’t believe in
chemtrails, go figure.
Anyway, I’ll just check out the mood and hand out some flyers.
I’m glad to be back, sorta.

(Post script next a.m.) As it turns out, some of the folks are aware
of CT’s but unaware of the far reaching effect on all living things.
Long story short~I figure we can help each other. When the gov’t has
clay feet, it make little difference from what direction we `chip
away’ to topple the monument of lies.

I remain grateful and blessed to have all of us on the same page.