Reply To: Seabird deaths catastrophic in California – 11/15/2005

November 22, 2013 at 11:46 pm #1089

from catworld – 11/18/2005

I recall reading an article in Scientific American about 8 years ago
that led me to read some congressional testimony, the latter of which
including some rather technical papers on proposed global warming
fixes. The testimony and report(s) were from none other than H-bomb
inventor "Dr. Strangelove;" Edward Teller. He also wrote on the the
topic in laymen’s press, to wit:

I can provide links to some of his technical papers on the matter on

Teller suggested spraying fine particulate matter in the stratosphere
to reflect a tiny percentage of the solar influx. Apparently it began
in earnest immediately following those congressional hearings, most
secretly of course, which begs the question why?

I minored in atmospheric studies and was tentatively excepted to the
meteorology program at Penn State University. I didn’t attend, money
wasn’t available so I went into corporate aviation, having an 18 year
run with the last 10 spent as chief pilot and director of operations
for a corporate aviation department.

I can assure you there is something different in the contrails, as of
around 1998. I surmise it is a fuel additive, but won’t bore you with
various details I have assembled as proof, except to say the same
players who own major airport service contracts (such as refueling and
"security") also basically "own" the executive branch of your
"government" at the moment.

I do not believe the "particulate matter" is intended to "reduce
global warming," another long story. But in one of Teller’s technical
papers he calculated the electrostatic properties of his suggested
materials. I thoroughly understand such things, having majored in
physics. Plug a uniform electrostatic "mirror" in the upper atmosphere
into the 100+ year old demonstrated works of Nikola Tesla (enter
HAARP) and you begin to see weapons in those "chemtrails." Check this out:

Talk about strange animal deaths; birds heads, tails and wings fried
completely off in mid-flight, they fell out of a clear, bright blue
sky and littered the streets. (descriptions similar to the above come
from witnesses to the American attack on Fallujah last year, see
Italian TV report here:

Photos of birds killed in the Tennessee "attack" are available on the
Internet, as is information regarding an ongoing lawsuit seeking to
establish what indeed happened there.

The ultimate effect of whatever is going on, however, is the important
matter to this group; are "chemtrails" one, if not the main,
contributor to the ills increasingly pressuring the world’s flora and

I do hope somebody gets to the truth of these "chemtrails," and soon.
Indeed one must wonder if in some unknown way we have already crossed
the point of no return. Genetic engineering, to my mind, has already
done so, a huge and most likely irreversable mistake.

I have always said "just because we can do something doesn’t mean we
should." I pray for the critters…