Reply To: Seabird deaths catastrophic in California – 11/15/2005

November 22, 2013 at 11:49 pm #1090

from bridget – 11/20/2005

I would ask myself, at this point in time; have the events
which are reported here on this site, escalted since the operation
of weather modification beagan in earnest? The facts and dates
clearly indicate a picture that is far too too coincidental.

I have been obseving the vast devistation, here in northern CA for
several days. I am shocked by the cilling contrast of what was a
normal environment some 5-6 years privious, this is evidenced by
reports for example, from Clear Lake,CA
where 6000 ducks along with other species of water birds all died
within 2 days. This is just one of numerous examples of such

If these Bills which are being heard in the Senate are intended to
prevent "Global Warming", I will have to guess, they intend
to ‘throw out the baby with the bath water’.
I hope no one denies anything, including global warming, from a
position of fear, simply that they ask themselves what will be the
effect on our communities, families and our natural environment,
with all the technology being used in the formula of Weather

Beyond question, we need to be more aware as to the "throw away"
we now live in. We need to be thinking about alternitive methods for
energy, no one doubts those well put questions. I guess I might even
suggest the science of cold fussion, which has been rebuffed
repeatedly, because of the risk involved to those who are heavily
invested in the international fossil fuel industry.

One might well ask about the well documented use of HAARP for the
purpose of heating of the atmosphere, and how might these
technologies show its effect in our natural environmnent.

I simply request that folks ask their state officials to read the
documents surrounding the Senate Bills titled Weather Modifcation,
and to carefully read the information which will be generated from
the Sub Commitee’s of Science and Technology.

There are admittedly (by the very folks who propose this operation)
no models which can predict the effect on our families and
communities, as result from spraying the various (and I will add
secret) material into our atmosphere.

We all love the beauty of nature, families and communities,, and it
is with this love that I am compelled to ask these questions, and
travel these many miles and to devote the endless hours and limited
financial resources, to seek the answeres which I pray will secure
some future for my children and hopefully grandchildren.
Have we passed the point of no return? Only time will tell, but I
know in my heart of hearts, we must all be active in finding the
true answers to these difficult questions.
I look forward to returning home to enjoy the the holiday with my
children and husband, but I return to Phoenix AZ from N CA with a
chilling and hightened awareness of the continuing destruction which
has vastly excellerated since the obvious spraying operation began.
Best regards,