Reply To: More whale beachings in Australia – 06/02/2005

October 23, 2013 at 2:20 am #696

Hi Jena
Well, some people give a damn:)Like you and me for instance and the numbers are growing.
I’d have to look at the figures to say "I absolutely believe>>""chunks of Antartica and the Nothern Ice Caps falling off and melting away.
That alone will change the compostion of the water ways and how it flows."">>
We are talking about an enormous body(ies) of water to become appreciably affected by the Ice Cap Meltdown to date.

The recent data on the tsunami of several months back indicate that it was the largest shift of the Earths crust ever, in all of recorded time. There are simply too many factors to piece together on our own. WE must keep moving forward to raise the awareness of all of these supposedly unrelated phenomena or events. Eventually, someone, or some group will see the light, (hear me praying for sure)

No one wants to get sick and die, given a choise, not even the powers that be.

I think about you often. Best to you.