Reply To: Male fish laying eggs – 10/15/2004

October 1, 2013 at 5:55 pm #599

Hi Vicky,
Well I guess I can just forget about fishing any time soonL

There is a hormone component in either the chemcrap or in the manipulation of the chemcrap by use of the various wave energies which are used to manipulate the mixture.

In thinking back to the Wyoming Elk die-off, they were primarily ‘cows’. No one will talk about the dolphin gender with regards to those particular anomaly die-offs.

Well, here is the motivating factor for me; both my daughters and I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Syndrome in the past 5 years. Oh BTW, it is simply a name chosen to identify a bunch of symptoms. There is no etiology for diagnosis.

This disease has sky-rocketed in the past 6 years and it parallels 90% of the hallmarks of GW Syndrome except it is primarily a disease that affects woman.

Is it an accidental gender specific aerosol crime? No one can say with any certainty.

One thing I do know with all certainty; weather modification is being done without our consent and for certain, the actual impact on all life is without conclusion.

I think we need to, every once in a while, do “key word searches”, ie: fish, wildlife, game and fish, marine animals,~ in the news publications from around the country and probably world publications.

The old ‘canary test’ to determine an environmental safety is still a decent measure.

I’m thinking about the homing pigeons that disappeared in Europe a short while ago, during an annual (200 year old) event, for the first time in the history of that event some hugh number of pigeons failed to return.

I’m thinking some sort of ‘wave’ energy.
I love my animals, but I love people more; there is the “salt to the wound.”

Best to all,