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November 18, 2013 at 8:59 pm #1021

from andy anderson – 09/23/2005′, ‘i think those fish were moving away from a "red tide"
or more specifically, a harmful algal bloom that is
happening on the bottom. warmer temperatures
are one of the stimuli for red tide. i know the gulf
waters are warmer than the historical norm.

all things happening in nature are connected,
eventually if not directly.

— Ted Howard <chaosmosis> wrote:

I have been keeping up a little with the magnetoreception abilities of birds and other animals also. Some articles I read said that the means to navigate by magnetics goes way back the evolutionary chain to protozoa and may be common to all creatures. It makes me wonder if we, humans, still have a magnetic "sense" that we aren’t fully aware of.

Changes whether man-made or not in the Earth’s magnetic field could account for
the strange behavior of fish also like this:

But there could be obviously lots of reasons for sea creatures behaving weird. I guess we still don’t know why whales beach themselves either do we?

Strange behaviour of the fish and ocean dwellers lately

On 9/23/05, andy anderson wrote:
one thing to consider…birds use the magnetic lines around the earth for navigation when they migrate. HAARP is messing with the electomagnetic grid of the planet. Could it be the migratory paths have changed due to an unseen (to humans) change in the magnetic
or perhaps a change has confused them.

just speculation, i have no facts support this, as of yet.