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from arufon – 06/19/2005′, ‘Re: Horseshoe crab decline puzzles scientists…

Hi Bridget…
Meeting would be a great idea, if we weren’t all so
geographically isolated!

As far as the ‘big picture’, it seems to me that the
Horseshoe crab decline is just another example of the
deline of nearly all species of flora and fauna on the planet.

I’m not sure many people know, or would even care to
know, but planet earth is currently undergoing extinction
level event #6. this is the 6th time in ~600 million years
that an extinction event of this magnitude has occurred.

Pretty scary stuff. Does the public really want to know
the truth of what is happening? My guess is they don’t.

If you do have a presentation to the general public,
i’d love to hear how it went!

have a nice day!
Bill (aka arufon)

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bcolemanconroy8> wrote:
Hi Guys
I think this information is mighty powerful. I’d bet dollars to
doughnuts almost none of the general public knows the sequence of
these events.
Anyone interested in meeting to figuring out some strategy to
present the entire picture illustrating our deepest concern?