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from bridget – 08/14/2005′, ‘I’ll be speaking with a Journalist out of Tampa tomorrow early a.m.

Hi Guys
One important point to keep in mind is the scope of these massive
toxic algae out-breaks. They are from coast to coast including lake
areas from land/locked states as well.
I hope to get the reporter, Mike Salinero, (article posted by Bill),
who wrote the AP article re: dead area in Tampa.
Maybe I can whet his appetite with our AP information from here on
Somethin’ aint right and the news media ain’t talking to each other
or they would not be sleeping at night.
WE’ll see what we’ll see. I’ll post whatever comes of the
BTW, my next door neighbor returned from their family vacation in
the Huntington Beach CA area; and yep, they were warned of the "Red
Tide" there too. It is posted on the Life Guard Stations.
WE just do everything we can.
AID=/20050814/NEWS/508140382/1004Published Sunday, August 14, 2005
Scientists Measure Red Tide Outbreak

Scientists were trying to measure the size of a red tide outbreak
after about 40 reports of dead ocean life at the bottom of the Gulf
of Mexico off the Southwest Florida coast.

Since the beginning of August, the Fish and Wildlife Research
Institute in St. Petersburg has received reports of mass destruction
of sea life in areas ranging from southern Hernando County to
northern Sarasota County.

The institute sent scientists on a research cruise last week to
measure the size of the red tide outbreak and the areas of dead
marine life.

Their findings may be available by this week.

The dead ocean life, ranging from goliath grouper and sea turtles to
corals, crabs and starfish, were found at 50 feet deep or less.