Reply To: Fish die-off in Oregon – 08/13/2005

October 30, 2013 at 7:15 pm #887

from vicki davis – 08/13/2005′, ‘The story below describes a massive fish die-off due to lack of oxygen. If this were only happening in Oregon, we might believe that it was a naturally occuring anomolous event. But it is happening all over the country.

Join this group to see all of the stories of critters dying. It’s called the SAD group

This is eco-terrorism. The excuses given for critter deaths are always suspect – especially when you see all the same stories being said in different areas of the country.

1. Who has a social agenda using the environment? Mikhail Gorbachev and the UN

2. Who is trying to sell the world on the idea that our globe is dying. UN, Mikhail Gorbachev and Al Gore

3. And what is the cure for the globe? Slowly remove property rights from individuals – especially their water rights and herd the people into ‘human settlements’ for sustainable development. Implementation of Agenda 21 Everyday at 3:00 pm eastern time, Chris Gerner talks about the UN programs and Agenda 21.

There is also an archive of the programs so you can listen to the last week of programs. If you don’t know anything about what the UN is doing, you will be shocked.

Be sure to read Gorbachev’s Rio Speech….

Those who act mainly within the framework of non-governmental organizations might feel the difficulty to keep track of that new paradigm which could substitute the old one, within the limits of which we have lived and developed for the last three hundred years. It is enormously difficult to change the situation for the better. We all have confronted the choice of either being swept away by time and nature, or of facing the realities, assessing the present situation in our world, in nature, to our relationships with our fellow human beings, their situations and their needs. All of this forces us to accept the fact that this civilization has already outlived itself, and we all have to think about the difficult transition based on consensus on the main values which could help us to build our future.

The main goal of the Earth Charter, the draft of which we adopted 18 March, 1997, is formation of a new outlook; a new set of values. The discussion on these issues was extremely difficult. We have even debated the desirability of addressing this semi-finished document to the world public, governments, business. Yes, I admit that this document is far from being ideal. It is far from those 10 or 15 Commandments which we all know about and which have played their role for 2000 years. But here is the document which can be considered as an important step toward those famous testaments. The members of the Earth Charter Commission came to the conclusion that we need this intermediate version, a preliminary draft which should be taken from the shuttered world of conferences and round tables to the turbulent world of the world public. Our planet Earth existed billions of years. There was long periods of transitions from one form of life to others, without a human. If we do not change our behavior it might happen again, and this depends on us. In its essence the Earth Charter shifts the focus to people on the Earth, their responsibilities, their morals and spirituality, their way of consumption. To save humankind and all future generations, we must save the Earth.

What is happening to our wildlife is so evil that it could only be the work of the "Evil Empire" aided and abetted by traitors in our own country – "Thinking globally, Acting Locally". Using a social agenda to implement a political agenda.
Think about it. Research it. And put a stop to it.