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Hi there All
Strange and stranger.
read below for a misssive via pac-pc RE: strange ligtening in the
Phoenix area.

‘Bizarre’ lightning strike to be studied
Art Thomason
The Arizona Republic
Aug. 11, 2005 12:00 AM

A top National Weather Service expert in Phoenix will
investigate a powerful lightning strike that "sounded like
dynamite exploding," damaging 13 homes in central Mesa on
Tuesday afternoon.

"This is beyond the norm," meteorologist David Runyan said.
"It’s bizarre. It intrigues us. We will seek some means to
understand it a little more."

The lightning bolt drawing all the attention caused extensive
damage to a home in the 2000 block of East Seventh Avenue,
near Broadway and Gilbert roads, as its charge sped to other
structures through underground wiring and wet soil.

Mesa firefighters, who have seen the aftermath of other
lightning strikes over the years, said they have never
witnessed anything like the effects of the Seventh Avenue
strike. They believe the strike, recorded at 4:45 p.m., first
hit the home, owned by Al Ogawa and Richard McTevia, and
spread its powerful charge underground.

The force’s intense heat exploded underground wires, including
television cable, near the home, erupted through the soil and
spewed dirt and debris like volcanic ash against homes, trees
and parked vehicles. Areas around brass doorknobs and locks
were scorched.

Clifford E Carnicom
Santa Fe, NM
May 07 2003

A method to estimate the conductivity of the lower atmosphere has
been established. This method relies upon the use of a Van de Graaf
generator of a rated voltage capacity, along with the measurement of
the maximum spark length gap that can be achieved. Results from this
method indicate an increase in the conductivity of the lower
atmosphere by a factor of approximately 3 to 20.

This model, if accepted, supports the claim that the fundamental
electrical nature of the atmosphere has been altered as a result of
the aerosol operations that continue to be conducted without informed