Reply To: Electronic Smog Disrupting Nature on Massive Scale – 09/07/2008

December 13, 2013 at 4:43 pm #1770

It’s HAARP, cell phone towers are a red herring

Hi Ray–Thanks for the article, but I partially disagree and have a different theory. I think that cell phones may have been observed misleading bees in their travels home–but I think the real culprit is HAARP, ( radio waves millions of times stronger than cell phones) which is being used in military testing and covert activities.

HAARP also requires the coating of the skies and air with barium and aluminum particles, as well as biological debris in order to allow the super powerful radio waves to bounce off the ionosphere and travel around the world. HAARP is a suspected cause of numerous recent events and catastrophes—earthquakes in Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, the Indonesian Tsuname, the " bombing" in Bali, the twin trade towers destruction, etc. It is a hugely powerful " secret" scalar weapon.

Cell phones have been around since the end of the 1970’s . I had one in
1981…bulky, but it still required towers and transmissions, and there were no reports of bees dying. It wasn’t until recently when the HAARP weapons became apparent that the bees started disapearing. The first chem trails in the Colorado/New Mexico area began coating the skies in 1999/2000, and they spread across the US after that, then to Europe. That is the same pattern that the disappearance of the bees followed…the Rockies first, then California area, then Europe.

If HAARP and ELF ( Extra Low Frequency ) radio waves ( militarized into Tesla death rays) can cause the death and disorientation of whales and dolphins — then it can do the same to bees and birds. The cell phones are a smokescreen, a red herring to cover the US weapons program that will eventually cause starvation from lack of pollination of foods. In my opinion. The bees are just the canary in the mine for what is to come.