Reply To: Dolphin die-offs in So.Florida – 09/24/2004

October 1, 2013 at 7:55 pm #604

Hi all,

Just a few hours ago I spoke with an individual from S Florida. THis
person heard on one of the news stations, apparently a virus was
identified as the cause of death. This person is searching news
archives for the confirmation and will forward information as it
appears. It would be so extremely unlikely for these deep water
mammals to contract a virus, the odds would be astronomical. It
would seem much more likely that a substance has been delivered,
accidental or otherwise, to the surface of the Ocean, many miles off

We all suspect a mycoplasm or a RNA type of infection ~virus~ has
been infecting humans and has been causing a great number of
wildlife deaths.

I will be more active now that recent family illness, not CT
related, (I don’t think at least) has been resolving itself.
Why the fbi is involved in the dolphine issue is unclear to me and
others. We are guessing they are using the "Tabloid Incident" as an
excuse, which I don’t care to specifiy further, as it could bring
unwarrented eyes in our direction.
My heart felt thanks to you all for being there, when I thought I
was alone.