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03/26/2004 Re: Hundreds of dead fish – Mud Lake, ID
I called the state Fish & Game department to see if they were going to do any tests on these fish or whether they were just going to accept the explanation of winter kill. I told him that I know that Mud Lake freezes over EVERY year. He said that plant life – algae I assume – is taking the oxygen out of the water. That made me remember something odd that was on the TV news.

There is a lake named Henry’s Lake – very popular fishing place. The picture that they had of it on TV showed that they were aeriating the water just like a fish tank. Why would they need to do that? I remember fishing at Henry’s Lake when I was a kid – it wasn’t aeriated then.. but it was a great fishing place. It is also hundreds of miles away from Mud Lake. So.. maybe the question shouldn’t be..why are the fish dying… we should be asking, why is the algae growing so much and snuffing out the life of the fish? If it was just one location I could accept it as an aberation of that one site. But it isn’t.

I told him that I thought our wildlife was being poisoned by aerial spraying. He said he knew that airplanes produced contrails. I told him no.. it wasn’t contrails because I’ve seen two airplanes at about the same altitude one spraying… one producing nothing. If the one that was spraying was producing contrails – they both would be producing contrails. He said he wasn’t aware…duh.

Something just occurred to me. If there is no more wildlife – there is no reason to preserve their habitat right? It can be sold to accommodate the increases in population that they are allowing to flood into our country.

We are dealing with inhuman monsters.