Reply To: Dead deer in Minnesota – 05/20/2004

September 30, 2013 at 8:59 pm #495

Actually the moldy corn theory can hold true…I was reading where along with the mold in the chemtrail spraying there is also mold in our wheat, corn, soya beans etc…….This is one of the causes for the breathing problems that everyone is having…MOLD……If the theory I was reading is true, then it is just another angle of attack from the NWO. And you don’t want to know the rest of what they are up to…..But think about it…They weaken us with the chem trails, we get sicker eating all the chemical foods, we take THEIR medication to get better and it kills 50% of the people who take it…Believe me it is not a pretty situation and goes much deeper than just the chemtrails…Somebody posted the story on the chemtrail website a while back but I didn’t see anybody commenting on it…Most people don’t want to accept the scope of this thing….sorry…..All we can do is build up our immune systems, take care of each other and be strong to fight this any way we can…..Don’t you think that 17 scientists deaths in 2 years is a little strange?????
May God hold us all in the palm of His hand…