Reply To: CWD in Saskatchewan deer – 07/14/2005

October 30, 2013 at 1:56 am #839

from bridget – 07/15/2005

Hi Kimi
They are just repeating what they have been told. In most virus life cycle that was true, but the new strains of infections are able to mutate to accomadate themselves in other hosts.
If an invader (illness) to an organism is without cell walls, it can do 2 things; first of all the natual immune system can not locate it to kill it, leaving the animal (or person) with a very comprimised immune system ( perhaps something like CWD, I’m guessing here) and secondly it can become multi-host friendly and may jump species.
The broard statement made by the media or sometime by wildlife biologists, is simple ignorence.