Reply To: Crappies in Minnesota – 07/02/2005

October 29, 2013 at 9:30 pm #800

from jennifer – 07/03/2005′, ‘AH, I see we had the same idea…I sent the group url to and explained to the guy that all these animal
deaths happening lately are worrying those of us who give a sheet, and that
MAYBE he should cover them and ask readers to report in to him (or us) about
kills in their areas that aren’t being reported, since it could be that TPTB
know many of us woudl say screw this and go live in the woods if TSHTF, and
they want to prevent this. He is one who is aware of the NWO/Israeli plots
concerning the US takeover, as well as the world. He made mention a while
back about all the dead microbiologists as well.
Maybe if we find bloggers who report the REAL news and point them at this,
they will report on it and more people will wake up.