Reply To: CCD – mysterious honeybee losses – misinfo – 05/28/2007

November 30, 2013 at 7:49 pm #1543

from diane1077 – 05/29/2007

I read recently in a California small periodical that actually the
ORGANIC bee-keepers in CA are having no problems with their bee hives.
It’s only the commerical bee-keepers who are using the pesticides in
their hives who are having dead and missing bees.

I bought some honey two weeks ago from a small organic farm in San
Diego county. They aren’t having any problems at all with their bees.

The media isn’t reporting that.

(MikeC comment – This is "anecdotal", but I notice wide-spread losses in certain areas, but some areas are unaffected. I suspect it does not really matter between organic and commercial. Again, I don’t see where the affected beekeepers are suddenly doing anything different)