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November 30, 2013 at 11:18 pm #1550

from caraway – 05/31/2007
Re: Why are the bees dying?

To Jane and Wikipedia entomologist Doug,

I would like to breathe a sigh of relief at your explanation about
Colony Collapse Disorder not being such a big deal. But I have to ask
you a few questions:

1. Why do eminent entomologists from Harvard and other more
prestigious universities than UC Riverside (you are right not to
brag!) disagree with you, and testify before Congress that this is
indeed an unprecedented event?
2. Beekeepers do lose colonies in the winter, but why are they
suddently losing all their bees in the Spring, during pollination
season? Can you show me when Colony Collapse Disorder, the
disappearance of entire colonies of bees, has happened before 2004?
3. If beekeeper mismanagement is a possible cause, what makes you
think they suddenly changed their management procedures this year?
Can you back up this assertion with facts? The beekeepers that
testified before Congress were in the business for generations, and
they were visibly shaken by this unprecendented event.
4. Since it’s "impossible to get hard numbers", how do you know this
is just a "drop in the bucket"?
5. What proof do you have that this is just a continuation of "colony
stress", that has been around for centuries? This event is reported
by the beekeepers themselves, testifying before Congress, as
completely unprecedented.
6. How do you explain the autopsies done, on the few bees that were
found, showing complete immune-system collapse? I remind you that the
pesticides being used now have been used for many years, even
decades, without this Colony Collapse occurring.
7. You pooh-pooh the stories and say not to trust the media. Does
this include misinformation in the alternative media (like
wikipedia)? I have found the mainstream media to be mostly silent
about this problem, except for quick, spotty coverage.
8. Don’t trifle with us. This is something to be concerned about.

Mike C