Reply To: CCD across the country – 02/12/2007

November 26, 2013 at 6:41 pm #1423

from caraway – 03/18/2007

South Dakota beekeepers say the disorder has started to affect
their colonies, most of which have been shipped south for the winter
and are pollinating crops in California, Texas and other states.

Hundreds of bees died at the Washington Pavilion’s beehive exhibit
this week in Sioux Falls, raising the possibility that colony
collapse disorder somehow reached the city….

…atlantis12 wrote on March 18, 2007 11:36 AM:"The honey bee die-off
is a direct result of not only ongoing chemtrail toxins and pathogens
spread 24/7 for over a decade, but also depleted uranium spread
around the globe, combined with pesticides, counter-pesticides,
bioengineered crops and nano-bugs, scalar electromagnetic tampering
and weather modification, resulting in an atmospheric and planetary
toxic soup that’s multiplying superexponentially with no end in
sight. I’ve been watching and documenting the decline of the food
chain for many years now. Amphibians, the first to go, with their
permeable skin and their minute size, compared to large, complex,
stalwart humans, now suffering too. Then the birds started dropping
out of the sky, by the millions. Canaries in the invisible cage of
human-imposed death. "