Reply To: Birds gone, dog died

September 30, 2013 at 5:56 pm #401

Your description of the fur pulling away from the skin is the same symptoms that were given for the deer die off in Oregon. They were blaming it on infestations of lice and ticks. That didn’t sound right to me. I think the lice probably came following the disease that caused their fur to fall out. Chemtrail spraying.

I think that CWD is the same disease as Mad Cow. I think the source of it is the same too. Chemtrail spraying.

on coast-to-coast am last night,
guest steve quayle
made some interesting comments on the elk
deaths in wyoming.
according to quayle, some of the biologists
who were monitoring the elk situation came
down with some weird illness…
which seemed to quayle to be more like an
organo-phosphate poisoning (i.e. nerve gas).
that would render the official ‘lichen’ explanation
more of a cover story than anything.

check out the first 2 hours of last nights
show (friday nite/sat morning) for specifics…

bill in boston