Reply To: Bees in More Trouble Than Ever After Winter of 2010 – 03/24/2010

December 22, 2013 at 11:31 pm #1819

Crystal River replies –‘, ‘There were two things in this article that made me pause and ask questions.

The first one was this sentence: The disorder, which causes adult bees to abandon their hives and fly off to die, is likely a combination of many causes, including parasites, viruses, bacteria, poor nutrition and pesticides, experts say.

In much of my research into Morgellons there have been things that appeared like bacteria, appeared like virus, appeared like parasites—the pesticides is most likely correct–yet

I question the article as a whole.

The second thing that made me go hmmmmm: Bee Keeper got a shock when he checked on them, finding hundreds of the hives empty, abandoned by the worker bees.

Do you recall the nanotechnology white paper and the water flea that left its brood and swam in circles of confusion? This is similar to what happens to a mother that has Morgellons. One has to ask if these situations are connected. Could that raining on us from the sky be contributing to these conditions?

And what of the many nanotech products on the market; aren’t you concerened–the scientists sure are and it is in their best interest not to be. Did that give you pause–did it make you ask why?