Reply To: Bass virus in Michigan – 07/30/2004

October 1, 2013 at 3:24 am #557

Here is the email I sent to Gary Whelan of the Michigan DNR

Mr. Whelan,

I read the article on the problem you are having with large mouth bass. There are animal, bird and fish die-offs going on all over the country. The reason stated always seems to rather suspect. For that reason we started keeping track of the articles that we find. You will notice that a few are from other countries, just skip over those. You will also notice that there is one article titled nanotechnology. Interesting, one researcher chose large mouth bass to study. (I don’t believe in coincidences – not any more).

‘We’ are a group of people that also monitor ‘chemtrail activity’. The government likes them persistent contrails, but they aren’t contrails at all. We have found enough documentation on the web to know that they are testing both weather control and methods to mitigate global warming. One of the methods to mitigate global warming involves the dispersal of reflective particles to deflect the sunlight.

As an aside, you will also see one article in which a hawk was found to have West Nile Virus ON his wing, not in his blood stream.

This is just one website but there are many. They carefully couch their words.

What they are doing is monstrous.

Vicky Davis