Waterfowl in Oregon – 05/13/2006

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    Dead Birds No Threat To People


    Wildlife biologists are continuing to track the outbreak of a
    disease that’s killing hundreds of waterfowl in the Klamath

    A concerned citizen alerted the scientists to the higher than usual
    numbers of dead Grebes and ducks. Fish and wildlife specialist
    immediately responded to the call.

    Grace McLaughlin, of the National Wildlife Health Center says that
    she has recorded several hundred dead birds along the south shore of
    Upper Klamath Lake this week.

    ‘We’ve had a number of these birds submitted to our center, we’ve
    done complete necropsy work-ups, as well as lab tests on them. and
    we have confirmed the diagnosis of avian cholera, which is a
    bacterial disease that is not normally at risk to humans at all –
    really not any human risk here’ she says.

    McLaughlin’s report will be placed in a database at the National
    Wildlife Health Center in Wisconsin to help identify long-term

    The number of dead birds recorded so far is relatively small compared
    to some previous events in the Klamath Basin.

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