Triple-E virus in New Hampshire – 09/12/2005

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    Hi Guys
    I’m just sharing this. The idea is so big, it’s difficult to wrap
    ones thoughts around it. WE here in Phoenix have been doing all the
    recommeded proceedures. I’m passing this on to the only two other
    site I’m active in SAD and CTTUSA
    Sep 12, 11:21 AM EDT
    Triple-E virus found in more birds, pools
    CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — State health officials announced new evidence
    Monday of the spread of a dangerous virus and again urged people to
    take steps to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.
    The state public health laboratory found the mosquito-borne Eastern
    equine encephalitis virus, known as Triple E, in four more birds, a
    horse and two pools of water, officials said.
    “We are continuing to identify Triple E in new communities across
    the state,” health Commissioner John Stephen said in a statement. He
    recommended that all residents take precautions, even in communities
    where the virus has not been found.
    Stephen wants people to use repellants, wear long sleeves and pants
    outside, and drain standing water near homes.

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