Thousands of Dead Fish in the Amazon and Florida – 02/04/2011

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    Untold thousands of marine animals float dead in Amazon river & Florida
    Posted on February 4, 2011 by The Extinction Protocol

    February 4, 2011 – MATO GROSSO DO SUL/AMAZON Region – At Aquidauana, pantanal region of the Mato Grosso do Sul state, shoals of painteds, pacus, golden fishes, cacharas – and even stingrays, are floating dead in Rio Negro, one of the largest in the Amazon River basin.

    The estimated Environmental Policy is of that several tons of fishes died, adding that the authorities and experts, they still do not have the scale of the ecological disaster. Biologist of the State Institute of the Environment, Robert Gill Machado, noted the phenomenon, considered of great proportion, after flying over the region of sub-basin of Rio Negro.

    At this place fishing is banned. The area is considered one of the nurseries of fish breeding of the Pantanal. According to the technicians of the Institute the symptoms that occur in this case are the same symptoms of other instances of the genre. The fish are dying putting their heads out of water trying to obtain air, due to lack of oxygen in the water.

    This deficiency is due to the large volume of ash produced by burned, which is carried by runoff along riverbeds of the wetland. However, the idea of blaming the ashes of forest burn has no rationale. The residents of the region, they don’t believe in this theory. -BWN

    Florida – SEBASTIAN, Fla. —

    Thousands of dead fish have washed up at Sebastian Inlet State Park according to WPBF u local user jhazel. Jhazel uploaded the photos Friday morning. In them, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said they believe a lack of oxygen is what killed the bait fish.

    “Just because there’s such a large school of them, they use up the oxygen really quickly, and because they are coming closer to shore, there’s not as high of a water turnover rate sometimes when you’re in an area with not as much tidal flow,” said Kelli O’Donnell with FWC.

    “I saw the fish jumping out there and I thought it was going to be a really good day for fishing, and then I noticed over here in the surf that they’re all dead,” fisherman Jeff Johnson told WPBF 25 News. FWC biologists arrived to assess the situation and take water samples as people watched. “It’s a little shocking, yes,” Johnson said. “I don’t know if there’s chemicals in the water or the temperatures that caused this.” -MSNBC


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