Sudden Bird Die-Off – Falling from Trees in Kansas – 04/07/2011

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    Sudden Bird Die-Off – Falling from Trees in Kansas
    Dead birds near Sterling
    By Megan Strader KWCH 12 Eyewitness News
    6:45 p.m. CDT, April 7, 2011
    (STERLING, Kan.)—

    Elizabeth Stange says she saw one or two birds fall from the trees in front of her house, and then about two dozen more followed. It happened around 1:30 Thursday afternoon.

    “We walked outside but were scared to go anywhere near the trees because we thought we would be hit by one of the birds.”

    Stange said the strangest part was they all died at within minutes of each other. By Thursday evening she and her family had collected about 50 birds from their driveway and yard.

    Stange says a local vet told her the birds likely ate something poisonous, but was sending a few to K-State to be looked at closer.

    Even if that was the case, the family still says it was strange the birds died at the exact same time.

    “This is bazarre, I mean it’s not normal,” said Elizabeth.


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