Seabirds dying in Oregon – 03/21/2006

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    Time is ticking. We have no idea what is being sprayed into the
    atmosphere, but it doesn’t look.
    I need my calculator to add up the numbers of anomalous/mysterous
    animal deaths.
    Every state could do the same as Los Angeles, CA Protest
    Demonstration against “experimental weather modification” bills that
    are being heard in wash, D.C.
    Rosalind and I would help.
    Bird die-off perplexes scientists
    Tuesday, March 21, 2006
    The Associated Press

    Hundreds of the seabirds known as rhinoceros auklets have washed up
    on the Southern Oregon coast, and scientists haven’t settled on an
    explanation for the die-off.

    The birds seem to be in good shape off California and Washington, a
    researcher said.

    “The questions in my mind are: Is this something that’s widespread
    in Oregon? Is it a freak event like a storm or something that’s
    going to last longer?” said seabird researcher Dr. Julia Parrish, an
    associate professor of biology at the University of Washington.
    Explanations include a storm that killed lots of birds as they were
    gathering for breeding season, and warming ocean waters that are
    inhospitable to the bird’s food chain.

    There were no reports of an increase of dead auklets elsewhere, said
    Parrish, executive director of the Coastal Observation and Seabird
    Survey Team.

    Beach observers said the birds started washing up this month off
    Southern Oregon, and hundreds of carcasses, as many as 20 to 30 a
    mile, were reported last week.

    The birds live most of their lives at sea. They are scrappy,
    constant fliers and look like little footballs, almost pointy on the
    ends, black on top and white underneath.
    — The Associated Press

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