Seabird breeding failures in England – 07/30/2004

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    Yeah, global warming / climate change, right….But the truth is that the seabirds are failing to breed. What about ELF waves raining down on us via the toxic-metal plasma medium, hmmm? (MC)

    Jul 30

    Friends of the Earth today called on political leaders to make action
    on climate change their top priority following revelations that
    hundreds of thousands of seabirds have failed to breed in the UK,
    apparently as a direct result of global warming.

    The unprecedented breeding failure has been attributed by scientists
    to the disappearance of their principal food source – small silver
    fish called sandeels. The fish, which used to occur in vast shoals,
    usually provide food for hundreds of thousands of young seabirds such
    as puffins, kittiwakes and guillemots, but have disappeared because
    the base of the marine food chain has altered. Warmer average sea
    temperatures resulting from global warming are believed to have
    affected the plankton, a key food source for the sandeel.

    The disappearance of the fish could also spell bad news for the UK’s
    remaining fishing industry – as changes in the marine ecosystem hit
    fish stocks.

    Worldwide, thousands of people have already died from the impacts of
    global warming – including more than 400 deaths this week as a result
    of the devastating floods in Bangladesh.

    Friends of the Earth England, Wales and NI Director Tony Juniper

    “This is shocking news and must serve as a wake-up call to the UK
    Government. The sudden collapse in the breeding ability in these
    birds seems to be a direct result of climate change caused by the
    pollution coming from factories, power stations and cars. This is yet
    one more powerful signal that we need to take decisive action to
    bring down emissions of carbon dioxide – the main source of global
    warming. Thousands of people have already died as a result of climate
    change worldwide and now the impacts are being felt close to home.
    The longer we put off measures to deal with this threat, the worse it
    will get.”

    Friends of the Earth Scotland’s Chief Executive, Duncan McLaren,

    “One canary passing out in a mine was enough to warn miners. This is
    like whole flocks of canaries falling dead out of the sky, warning of
    catastrophe ahead. If, as it appears, this massive seabird breeding
    failure is the consequence of global warming, the UK must redouble
    efforts to get globalagreement on drastic action.This event is a
    disaster for the Scottish environment, with serious implications for
    the fishing and tourist industries. The Scottish Executive too must
    heed this wake-up call, by adopting and delivering on ambitious
    targets for climate change emissions. A thorough review must be
    undertaken to eliminate policies that fuel climate change – such as
    air route subsidies and road-building.”

    Recent studies have shown that Greenland ice cap is disappearing 10
    times faster than predicted. If it melts altogether, it will lead to
    a global sea level rise of seven metres, threatening low-lying
    communities worldwide.

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