Sea turtles still dying in Florida – 09/17/2006

  • November 25, 2013 at 3:05 am #1285

    “There are problems with the lungs, we are trying to treat that,”
    Bauer said. “We’re also treating them for parasites, if that might be
    the problem.” Bauer said the sick turtles have washed up in the last 5
    days from Daytona Beach north to Georgia. “A normal, healthy
    Loggerhead wouldn’t just sit here,” she said. “They’d be spinning in
    this tub, trying to bite, be very agitated [by] the fact he’s out of
    the water.”

    Bauer said it is possible the turtles inhaled something toxic or
    bacteria kicked up by Hurricane Florence. She ruled out red tide. “The
    manatees aren’t getting sick, the birds aren’t sick, there’s no fish
    kill off. It’s just limited now to the reptiles,” Bauer said.’

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