Sea turtles in Florida – 10/17/2005

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    More sick, dead sea turtles found

    Officials with Mote Marine Laboratory were busy this week rescuing
    three injured or sick sea turtles from Charlotte County waters, and
    picking up six dead turtles from Manasota Key to Casey Key.

    Two sick turtles and one injured turtle were found Sunday, according
    to a Mote report.

    Mote officials rescued what they called a sub-adult loggerhead from
    Little Gasparilla Island and a juvenile green sea turtle from under a
    Boca Grande dock. Both showed symptoms of being exposed to red tide.

    A third sea turtle, a juvenile Kemp’s ridley, was found by fishermen
    near Port Charlotte Beach Park Pier. The turtle was tangled in a
    fishing line and had two hooks in its mouth and throat, the report

    All three were transferred to Mote’s Sea Turtle Rehabilitation
    Hospital in Sarasota.

    Mote is currently treating eight turtles: four Kemp’s ridleys, three
    loggerheads and one green turtle.

    This year has been particularly devastating to area sea turtles. Mote
    has reported some 120 sea turtle deaths since July 1. The average for
    deaths during that time period is about 30.

    Mote picked up four dead sea turtles Monday. One turtle was retrieved
    from Manasota Key, one from Venice and two were recovered from Casey
    Key. Two more dead sea turtles were picked up Tuesday from Caspersen
    Beach in Venice.

    Red tide, which has lingered off Southwest Florida since January, is
    believed to be responsible for most of the deaths, according to Mote.
    Researchers, however, won’t be able to make a final determination
    until tissue and blood samples can be analyzed.

    By Gavin Off
    Assistant Englewood Editor

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