Polar bears are getting angry – 05/31/2007

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    I wonder if the Polar Bears are just angry because 1 in 4 cubs are being born with dual sex organs!
    Neuro Toxins and adrenial function failure could make a bear angry, not just GW.

    BTW, we will have a new SAD site that will be moderated to keep all the ‘scum spam’ out.


    Global warming to provoke polar bear attacks – scientist
    21:09 | 20/ 04/ 2007

    MOSCOW, April 20 (RIA Novosti) – Polar bears could start attacking humans more frequently due to global warming, a Russian scientist said Friday.

    Polar bears are carnivores that mainly live on seals, but can also feed on birds, shellfish, rodents and walruses – anything they can catch and kill. They are more likely to hunt humans than other bears and attacks could, for instance, happen at hunting camps or weather stations.

    “Sea ice [the area covered by ice in the Arctic] is decreasing, and this is the polar bear’s main habitat… In a search for food, the bears could end up at coastal areas and approach villages on the sea shore,” Oleg Anisimov, a professor at the State Hydrology Institute under Russia’s hydrometeorology service, told a news conference.
    “This presents a considerable threat for people,” he said.

    Anisimov said that according to different estimates, ice thickness in the Arctic has reduced by 10-40% in the last 30 years.

    Scientists and climatologists have been concerned that the decrease in sea ice caused by global warming could result in the extinction of the polar bear.

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