New parvo in dogs in New York – 01/29/2006

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    Local television news here in Elmira New York recently ran stories on
    a “new, more virulent” form of “parvo virus.” Parvo is a very
    dangerous, highly deadly virus effecting only the intestinal tracts of
    dogs, most usually fatal to puppies.

    Local verterinarians have contacted the news departments of these
    stations and have received no answer as to the source of their
    information. The vets also report thay have received no information
    from “usual channels,” any from among numerous state and other
    agencies which routinely circulate warnings of new, emergent or
    epidemic conditions as they arise.

    None the less, an unusual number of dogs around the area have died
    mysterious and horrific deaths, resembling a “hemorrhagic fever”
    condition which has simply been labeled a “new strain of parvo” by the

    I happened to be present when one such unfortunate animal showed up at
    a local clinic where my wife volunteers. The animal was perfectly
    normal at 8 AM and dead by 6 PM. This occured several weeks before the
    recent press pronouncement. Fortunately, the veterinarian routinely
    provided Cornell Veterinary Hospital with two liver samples and a
    sample of the intestine for analysis. Unfortunately, these do not
    usually reveal the presence of parvo or related, unless the intestinal
    sample happens to contain the virus (not a given) or there is enough
    blood in any of the samples sufficient to test. (which the vet doubts)

    This vet also seeks from Cornell any information relating to the press
    announcement, or an investigation of the latter, if they too are
    cluless as to why the press would make such a statement.

    I Will keep this forum updated if any further information comes along.
    For now all we know is an inordinate number of rapid, hemmorrhagic
    deaths have occured in the local dog population, and no provable cause
    has been identified.

    Cliff Jones
    Horseheads, New York

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