More whale beachings in Australia – 06/02/2005

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    Hi People

    One would have to ask themselves a couple of questions;
    1. What exactly does “not uncommon mean?”
    2. What are the numbers of sea mammal deaths in the past 24 months,
    compared with some point in history?
    3. What are the statistics regarding neuro-toxin or various algae
    affecting fish, sea turtles, Dolphin, Whales?

    From what I can determine, there has been an enormous jump in animal
    death anomalies. I don’t think I can accomplish an accurate data
    sheet on my own. A search od AP articles would have to be done and
    then compared to historical data.

    For the record; I am not an “Animal Rights Activist”, I’m a “I hope
    we have a future activist”, because if we do not get going on the CT
    issue, we’ll all be finding ourselves like the Elk of Wyoming or the
    Whales in Australia ~ fallen down and not able to get up.

    Hats off to Daniel, in Chicago; Sydney in Berkeley; Sharon K also in
    the Bay Area, I am grateful to call you friends.

    Any serious minded chemtrail focus people want to get together?
    We need to put our heads together for the purpose of intelligent `do-
    able’ planning.
    I’m willing to travel the distance, or make arrangements here in the
    Phoenix area.

    Best to you all,

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