Mass deaths along Pacific coast – 10/31/2005

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    from rocky
    Finally…its in mainstream media…we went through this almost a year ago!..on further thought…may explain that major dead zone that appeared in the gulf…Its a 6-page article…but I just wanted you to know someone finally is trying to bring it to the forefront…but… will probably be buried again by tomorrow…(remember what bought this subject to our board last year?)…I do…we will see if that story surfaces…

    Army secret surfaces: Deadly chemicals at sea
    Millions of pounds of unused weapons of mass destruction were dumped in oceans before Congress banned the practice in 1972. The threat is still out there, and may be growing.

    Boaters, divers, fishermen and commercial seafood trawlers have no way to steer clear of the dump sites.

    That’s because the Army has put only one of its 26 known chemical weapons dumps on nautical charts, according to records kept by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

    The federal agency in charge of undersea cable-laying operations, as well as gas and oil ventures, has only a vague idea of where chemical weapons were thrown into the ocean, said spokesman Gary Strasburg.

    That agency, Minerals Management Service, knows only what the Army has revealed to the agency: that chemical weapons were dumped at sea and that some are somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico and at a location somewhere off the coast of South Carolina, agency records show.

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