‘Mass Animal Deaths – Mar 2011 – Sept 2011 – 05/09/2012

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    Mass Animal Deaths – Partial List – Mar 2011 – Sept 2011
    Mass Animal Deaths – Mar 2011 – Sept 2011
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    SEPTEMBER 2011
    Sept 30 50-foot dead whale washes up on beach, CA, USA Video
    Sept 30 Dead minke whale found on bulb of cargo ship, CA, USA
    Sep 30 Millions of beekeepers’ honeybees die in one day, FL, USA
    Sep 30 One dozen dead baby seals wash up on beach, NH, USA
    Sep 30 Mystery disease claims dogs across the UK
    Sep 29 Dead juvenile gray whale found in harbour, CA, USA
    Sep 29 Dead baby dolphin found on rocky coastline, Spain
    Sep 29 16 dolphins die after stranding in waters, Indonesia
    Sep 29 Another fish kill hits Lake Taal, with 45 tons dead, Philippines
    Sep 29 Rare bacteria considered cause for fish deaths in creek, TX, USA Video
    Sep 28 Mallard ducks dying at double last week’s rate, cause of deaths not yet confirmed, CA, USA
    Sep 28 10m long female Sei whale dies on shore far from natural waters, UK
    Sep 28 Pilot whale found dead on shore, Philippines
    Sep 27 3,000 dead sharks found in illegal fishing net, TX, USA
    Sep 27 Dead minke whale found on river bank, MA, USA
    Sep 27 Dead fish found on river, rain runoff carrying pollutants blamed, Israel
    Sep 27 300 endangered fish found dead in brook, sewage leak blamed, UK
    Sep 26 Bizarre ‘orange pollution’ causes fish kill, officials do not know what it is, Wales, UK
    Sep 26 Humpback whale numbers increasing, but so are deaths, most are calves that are ‘skinny and sickly’, Australia
    Sep 26 Unknown pollutant kills nearly 10 tons of fish, Ghana
    Sep 26 Large number of farmed fish dying due to red algae, Pakistan
    Sep 25 Bighorn sheep dying of pneumonia, possibly caused by wildfire smoke, MT, USA
    Sep 25 Lack of oxygen blamed for tons of dead fish in Lake Paola, Italy
    Sep 24 12m long whale found dead in old port of island, Greece
    Sep 24 17 swans found dead one week after 12 swans die in same location, officials suggest dogs may be to blame, UK
    Sep 24 Two Cuvier’s beaked whales found dead on shore, Philippines
    Sep 23 Boaters blamed for two sea turtle deaths, Australia
    Sep 23 Dead pygmy sperm whale and her still alive calf wash ashore, NC, USA
    Sep 23 Dead whale found in waters off island, Australia
    Sep 22 Hundreds of dead Humboldt squid wash up on OC beach, CA, USA see related article on Sep 18 (this is a subsequent death event not a repeat article of the event on the 18th)
    Sep 22 Dead fish found in creek attributed to low water levels, TX, USA
    Sep 22 Company pays $1m in relation to massive fish kill on Ogeechee River in May, GA, USA see related article below on May 23
    Sep 21 Gov’t suspect no foul play in dolphin deaths, Bulgaria see related article on Sep 3
    Sep 21 Faroens purposefully herd and kill 100 pilot whales ‘for tradition’, despite efforts of activists and media to stop them, Faroen Islands
    Sep 21 Badly decomposed 69ft baleen whale washes ashore, Pakistan Video
    Sep 20 Dolphins killing porpoises in increasing numbers, CA, USA
    Sep 20 Thousands of white bass fish found dead in Arkansas River, AR, USA
    Sep 20 Dead dugong found lying on mystery green gunk, death attributed to ruptured bowel, Australia PB note ~ the newspaper chose to publish two separate articles from the same location involving the same phenomenon but failed to link them together. Here is the other article about ‘mystery green gunk’ on the same beach, from the same day. In the comments section a person notes that a dugong was found dead in this green gunk yet there was no consideration of the possibility that there could be connection of the unknown substance and the dugong death. Seemed strange for the paper to ignore this possibility so chose to highlight it here.
    Sep 20 Dead fish and swans found in local waterway due to algae overgrowth, UK
    Sep 19 30 dead and dying ducks found at lake, CA, USA
    Sep 19 Unmarked, ‘beautiful’ dead 15m long fin whale washes ashore, NZ
    Sep 19 Dead juvenile humpback whale found in waters, cause of death unknown, Australia
    Sep 18 Hundreds of dead Humbold squid wash ashore, CA, USA
    Sep 18 Death toll at 167,432 animals due to flooding, Pakistan
    Sep 17 Protected species Risso’s dolphin dies after beaching long way from natural waters, FL, USA Video
    Sept 16 Young orca of two years of age found stranded on beach, showing signs of emaciation, dies shortly after, NZ
    Sep 15 Deaths of ‘hordes’ of fish found in Vaal Dam cannot be explained, South Africa Please use this link to translate the article. With thanks to the person who emailed this article to PB.
    Sep 15 Deer deaths considered to be caused by virus, NJ, USA
    Sep 15 Wild panther found dead, 22nd panther mortality for 2011, FL, USA
    Sep 15 Juvenile salmon shark found dead on beach, CA, USA
    Sep 15 Thousands of dead frogs and hundreds of dead turtles found alongside road, MO, USA
    Sep 15 Fish kill occurs in three lakes, officials blame oxygen levels and temperature, AR, USA
    Sep 15 Dead humpback whale calf washes ashore, Australia
    Sep 15 Dead fish from several species found in ship channel, algae blamed, TX, USA
    Sep 15 Monsoon rains kill over 12,000 cattle, millions of animals displaced, Pakistan
    Sep 14 Dead small sperm whale washes up onto beach, also found was a dead sea snake, Australia
    Sep 14 12m Bryde’s whale found dead in waters, possible ship strike, NZ
    Sep 14 Hundreds of dead fish found on shore, Israel
    Sep 14 Hundreds of fish found dead in river, China
    Sep 13 Mystery illness kills seagulls, Guernsey
    Sep 13 Officials remove fish kill from golf course pond, NC, USA
    Sep 12 Dead 12m long sperm whale found in waters, Canaries
    Sep 12 10 deer, 30 sheep and one ram found dead in wildlife parks, cause is named as “unknown disease”, Iran
    Sep 12 Dead fish still being found on river, three months after large kill, GA, USA Video see related article below from May 23
    Sep 11 Dead fish of all species floating in rivers, elevated levels of fecal coliform found in water tests, NC, USA
    Sep 11 Large number of dead fish found dead in waters, MS, USA
    Sep 10 Gladstone marine deaths test findings to be made public, Australia PB note~ I searched the site where these findings were to be made public on the 12th of Sept and have as yet found nothing. Here is the link if you wish to continue to watch this issue.
    Sep 10 9m long dead whale washes ashore, South Africa Photo story
    Sep 9 Officials warn of dead fish after numerous fish kills, NC, USA
    Sep 9 Authorities await test results after hundreds of fish found dead at lake, IL, USA see related article below from Sep 6
    Sep 9 Baby fin whale dies despite rescue earlier this week, UK
    Sep 9 Pygmy sperm whale washes up onto beach, Australia
    Sep 7 Massive abalone, urchin, chitin, sea star die-off along coast, CA, USA
    Sep 6 Dead fish ‘litter’ canal system, Australia
    Sep 6 Hundreds of dead fish found in lake, IL, USA
    Sep 6 Dead fish found along river, NC, USA Video
    Sep 5 Industrial waste blamed on millions of fish deaths in China see related article from Sep 3
    Sep 3 Large amount of farmed fish found dead, reason for their death so far unknown, China
    Sep 3 Bulgarian Govt: No worries over dead Black Sea dolphins
    Sep 2 Dozens of fish killed by lack of oxygen in lake, NB, USA
    Sep 2 Dead 12m sperm whale, badly decomposed, washes onto rocks, Australia
    Sep 2 Abalone and sea stars die off reported by authorities, CA, USA
    Sep 2 Large number of dead fish found floating on lake, China

    AUGUST 2011
    Aug 31 Two dead sea turtles wash ashore, NC, USA
    Aug 31 Dead 13m Sei whale, found on bulbous bow of container ship, Netherlands Video
    Aug 31 Bubonic plague decimates prairie dog population, CO, USA
    Aug 30 Brown pelicans dying from mystery puncture wounds, CA, USA
    Aug 30 Massive fish kills occurs on lake, TX, USA
    Aug 30 30 ducks die in city pond, officials consider botulism as cause, UT, USA
    Aug 29 Dead 30ft sperm whale found on shore with wounds, Philippines
    Aug 29 Mysterious fish kill extends several km along river, cause of deaths still unknown despite investigations, Germany
    Aug 29 Hundreds of salmon and trout found dead in River Bandon, Ireland
    Aug 27 70 fish found dead in pond, GA, USA
    Aug 27 250 kg whale found dead on beach, Vietnam
    Aug 26 One thousand fish found dead in lake, OK, USA Video
    Aug 26 50 ft sperm whale beaches, dies in Spain
    Aug 24 Mass marine animal deaths ‘explained’, but there are still no answers, Australia
    Aug 24 Klamath River whale’s cause of death still a mystery, scientists say, CA, USA
    Aug 23 Sperm whale live strands twice and dies in spite of rescue attempts, found to be malnourished, Ireland
    Aug 23 Whale shark washes up dead on beach, UAE
    Aug 23 Dead 12m sperm whale washes onto shore, missing its head and tail, it is the second sperm whale to wash onto local shores, Australia see related article April 27
    Aug 21 Dead minke whale washes up on popular beach, ME, USA Video
    Aug 20 Huge dead whale washes onto beach, Sri Lanka
    Aug 20 Rare species of blind dolphin found dead, Pakistan
    Aug 19 Dead dolphins, sea lions found on beach, CA, USA
    Aug 19 Bridge construction leads to massive fish deaths, China
    Aug 19 Dead four foot dolphin found on beach, India
    Aug 19 2,000lbs of dead fish from fish kill removed from pond, TN, USA
    Aug 17 Fish kill in Pearl River spreads to Lake Pontchartrain, LA, USA
    Aug 17 Beached 8m long southern right whale dies, South Africa
    Aug 17 Wildlife officials probe deaths of dozens of deer, MT, USA
    Aug 16 114 livestock killed within one week by mystery disease, Nepal
    Aug 16 Gray whale lost in river, found dead, CA, USA
    Aug 14 4.5m long whale found dead on beach, Saudi Arabia
    Aug 13 700lb leatherback sea turtle washes up and dies on shore, NY, USA
    Aug 13 Dead fish, turtles found in Pearl River, LA, USA
    Aug 13 Mystery fish kill worries locals, Australia
    Aug 13 10 dead seal pups found on beaches, residents told there is “no cause for alarm”, UK
    Aug 12 8m long whale found dead on shore, Brazil
    Aug 12 Leatherback turtle washes up on shore, later dies, RI, USA
    Aug 11 Hundreds of birds found dead, OK, USA
    Aug 10 Hundreds of dead fish found in Bayou, LA, USA
    Aug 10 Massive fish die-off occurs in Zi River, China
    Aug 10 Baby humpback whale beaches twice, will be euthanised, Australia
    Aug 10 Dead whale found floating off coast of Palm Island, Australia
    Aug 9 Starving and dead turtles arriving in ‘extraordinary numbers’ onto shores, Australia
    Aug 9 18m long fin whale washes up onto shore and dies, UK
    Aug 7 Polar bear that killed student was starving, post mortem shows, Norway
    Aug 4 Dead whale washes up on beach, cause of death not known, NJ, USA
    Aug 4 Boater finds dead sunfish floating in water, far from its usual habitat, N.S., Canada
    Aug 4 Dead 70ft long whale washes up onto coral reef, Sri Lanka
    Aug 4 14 dead sharks wash up on beach, AL, USA Video
    Aug 3 Rare sunfish strands on mudflats and dies despite rescue attempts, N.S., Canada
    Aug 3 ‘Massive quantities’ of dead fish found in lakes, Georgia
    Aug 2 Flash flood carrying manure from dairy farm kills 7,000 fish, USA
    Aug 2 Second leatherback turtle found dead in coastal waters, MA, USA see related article on July 27 below
    Aug 1 Thousands of fish die in river, Morocco Video
    Aug 1 Unexplained massive fish kill occurs overnight, Rio Grande River, NM, USA Video
    Aug 1 Thousands of dead fish wash up on shore of lake, Australia
    Aug 1 Heatwave temperatures kill fish in ponds and small bodies of water, TX, USA
    Aug 1 Hundreds of dead fish wash up on shore of lake, NM, USA Video

    JULY 2011
    Jul 29 Necropsy of young gray whale provides no clues as to cause of death, WA, USA see related article below on Jul 27
    Jul 27 Thousands of cattle deaths caused by heatwave, USA
    Jul 27 Endangered 1,000 pound dead leatherback turtle washes up on shore, cause of death so far unknown, MA, USA
    Jul 27 ‘Very emaciated’ gray whale beaches and dies, WA, USA
    Jul 27 31 dead wild boars found floating in water or washed up on shore, toxic algae suspected as cause of death, France
    Jul 26 Hundreds of fish die in pond, WA, USA
    Jul 26 Thousands of dead fish found floating on neighbourhood lake, IN, USA
    Jul 26 Deadly disease threatens bees, Sweden
    Jul 26 Dead fin whale washes ashore, N.S., Canada
    Jul 25 Total deaths of whales stranded now 25, “whales were healthy,” Scotland, UK see related article below on Jul 23
    Jul 25 Another dugong death to add to long list of deaths at harbour, Australia
    Jul 23 Nursing sperm whale calf, emaciated and wounded, dies on beach, NY, USA
    Jul 23 15 pilot whales die in a mass stranding, Scotland
    Jul 22 Dead fish washing up on shores, MA, USA
    Jul 22 Mass die off of chickens and ducks on remote Pacific Island defies explanation, Marshall Islands
    Jul 22 700% increase in turtle strandings compared to previous year, N. Queensland, Australia
    Jul 22 Birds feared killed in tens of thousands, “We’ve never seen anything like this before”, NZ
    Jul 21 One km long trail of dead fish found in city waters, North China
    Jul 21 Neighbourhood lake full of dead fish, authorities tell locals “not to worry”, LA, USA Video
    Jul 20 Hundreds of dead fish plus sharks and manatees washing up on beach, FL, USA
    Jul 20 20-foot long dead whale found on shore, India
    Jul 19 Lake turns “blood red”, killing all fish left in it, TX, USA
    Jul 19 Mysterious cause kills 1,000 fish, Australia
    Jul 19 Dead whale found in waters is burned by Navy, Sri Lanka
    Jul 18 Dying sea animals concern experts, “these animals are actually starving”, Australia
    Jul 18 Eight dead whales found in international waters off shore of Qatar
    Jul 18 Dead fish offshore did not die from oil spill, tests show, China
    Jul 17 Flash flood causes massive fish kill, NC, USA
    Jul 17 Mysterious disease rapidly killing buffaloes and cows, India
    Jul 16 Dead humpback whale washes up on same shore as pilot whale from June, MA, USA See article below dated Jun 23, 2011
    Jul 15 Thousands of prion seabirds found dead in shore waters, NZ
    Jul 13 Dehydrated cattle in drought stricken state dying from gorging on water when they find it, TX, USA
    Jul 13 Several thousand fish found dead in dammed waters, IL, USA
    Jul 12 200 fish die in lake from lack of oxygen, UK
    Jul 12 Thousands of dead fish continue to show up in waters all over state, OK, USA Video
    Jul 11 Dead, decapitated Minke whale washes ashore far from its native Pacific waters, UK
    Jul 11 Mysterious uncontrolled disease has already killed more than 50 cows and buffaloes within 3 days of infection, India
    Jul 11 Thousands of jellyfish at beach, considered a nuisance are gathered up and thrown onto shore to die, Lebanon
    Jul 9 Second pygmy sperm whale found dead, 8th this week found dead along southern US coast, FL, USA
    Jul 8 Lightning strike (but no evidence of tree they stood under being hit) kills 20 cows at once, USA
    Jul 7 Hacked 8 ft whale found on shore, Philippines
    Jul 6 Beachgoers desperately attempt to save beaching pygmy sperm whale, but fail, FL, USA
    Jul 6 Thousands of dead fish found in Red River, OK, USA Video
    Jul 6 Dozens of dead fish and at least one dead bird found washing up on lake’s shore, Ont, Canada
    Jul 6 Large, healthy pilot whale persists in beaching itself on a coast far from its natural waters and despite rescue efforts, dies, NS, Canada
    Jul 5 Thousands of dead fish wash up on Lake Michigan’s shores, USA
    Jul 5 Dead 40-ft sperm whale found floating off coast, MA, USA
    Jul 5 Rotting fish and dead seaweed surround island, China
    Jul 4 Pilot whale mother and her offspring die after stranding on beach, CT, USA
    Jul 4 10m long dead whale found off coast, buried at shore, Vietnam
    Jul 1 Uprecedented numbers of turtles washing up dead or ill, Australia
    Jul 1 Small dead whale found on beach, Lefkada, Greece

    JUNE 2011
    Jun 30 Giant whale found dead on shore, India
    Jun 29 Hundreds of dead fish found in natural spring, GA, USA
    Jun 28 Giant dead squid found floating off coast, FL, USA Video
    Jun 28 Spike in dead dolphins found along coast alarms researchers, SC, USA
    Jun 28 Dead juvenile humpback whale washes up on Gold Coast, Australia
    Jun 25 White beaked dolphin found dead far away from natural waters, no obvious cause of death, ME, USA
    Jun 24 Extremely rare Cuvier beaked whale found dead, Malta
    Jun 23 Pilot whale strands and dies MA, USA
    Jun 23 Another dugong found dead, “third death in less than one month”, Australia
    Jun 23 More than a dozen birds found dead or dying, poison suspected, Australia
    Jun 22 Hundreds of farm animals die of mysterious disease, Pakistan
    Jun 20 Large number of dead carp reported in lake, MI, USA Scroll down to Jun 20 for headline, click to open short article
    Jun 19 Massive fish die off as volcanic Lake Batur changes color, Bali
    Jun 18 Pilot whale found butchered, cause of death not given, Philippines
    Jun 17 Dead whale found on coast, eastern Russia
    Jun 17 Dead minke whale washes ashore, P.E.I., Canada
    Jun 16 Hundreds of dead fish found floating in river, MO, USA
    Jun 16 Mysterious animal carcass found in creek, FL, USA Video
    Jun 16 Two dugongs found dead, following dolphin and sea turtle deaths – scientists to probe marine deaths, Australia
    Jun 13 1,000 fish found dead in lake, PA, USA
    Jun 13 Dead Baleen whale washes ashore, cause of death unknown, India
    Jun 13 Crocodile, dolphins, most species of marine creatures and schools of fish dying or dead in lagoon, Marovo, Solomon Islands see related article Jun 8
    Jun 12 100,000 fish found floating on the water line of two states last weekend MD, DE, USA
    Jun 11 Harsh winter strands more than 2,500 pronghorn antelope at reservoir, all expected to die, MT, USA
    Jun 11 Fish ‘continuing’ to die in large numbers, Arabian Gulf
    Jun 11 More than 4.3 million fish have died because of Puyehue Volcano eruption, Chile
    Jun 10 More than 340 dead sea turtles have washed ashore in Gulf of Mexico this year, USA
    Jun 10 Dead young humpback whale washes ashore, NY, USA Video
    Jun 9 Bottlenose dolphin found dead on beach, India
    Jun 9 Another baby dolphin found dead plus hundreds of small fish wash ashore, MS, USA
    Jun 9 Rare beaked whale carcass found close to shore, FL, USA
    Jun 9 1,000 dead fish found at reservoir, IN, USA
    Jun 9 Second dead whale washes ashore on far east coast, Russia
    Jun 8 Schools of dead fish found floating in lagoon and continue to surface, Marovo, Solomon Islands
    Jun 8 Dead finback whale washes ashore, NY, USA
    Jun 8 600 dead penguins discovered on shore along with turtles, dolphins and albatrosses, Uruguay
    Jun 7 Hundreds of thousands of headless fish wash onto Atlantic shoreline, MD, USA
    Jun 7 At least 20 more tonnes of fish die in Lake Taal area, Philippines see related articles Jun 1 and May 29
    Jun 6 Whale shark found dead close to shore, Philippines
    Jun 4 Thousands of fish wash ashore on beach, DE, USA
    Jun 4 More fish and more varieties of species found dead in area around Bulucan, Philippines
    Jun 4 Dead sperm whale spotted floating off coast of Newfoundland, Canada
    Jun 2 Thousands of dead earthworms found on sidewalks and porches, OH, KY, IN, USA
    Jun 2 Thousands of dead starfish wash up on beach, UK
    Jun 2 Two rare dolphins found dead were tied to a concrete block, Australia
    Jun 1 At least eight dogs die immediately after walking in a park, UK
    Jun 1 Two blind dolphins found dead in Indus River, adding to three other dolphins found dead in the past week, India
    Jun 1 Named dolphin washes up dead, no obvious cause of death, Australia
    Jun 1 Another 200 tons of fish die in lake near Taal Volcano, Philippines see related article from May 29
    Jun 1 Rarely seen 4ft long sunfish washes up dead on beach, NZ see related article from May 17

    MAY 2011
    May 31 Expert says beached sperm whale that died should not have been in the North Sea, UK
    May 31 Hundreds of endangered Saiga antelopes found dead, Kazakhstan
    May 29 800 tons of fish die in a lake near Taal Volcano, Philippines
    May 28 300 healthy sheep die mysteriously within one hour, Saudi Arabia
    May 27 Dam releases are killing hundreds of thousands of fish, USA
    May 27 Minke whale washes ashore, DE, USA
    May 27 Dolphins, sea turtles wash up dead in harbour area, Australia
    May 25 Large number of dead fish found in lake beside temple, India
    May 25 Fatal white-nose syndrome spreads to bats in Maine, USA
    May 24 Mass sea snail die off, thousands of dead snails wash ashore, Bangladesh
    May 24 Mutilated dead grey whale washes ashore, CA, USA
    May 23 Mystery causes death of pigeons, crows and a seagull, Alaska, USA
    May 23 Thousands of fish wash up dead in river, GA, USA
    May 23 Hundreds of volunteers continue to work to save remaining stranded pilot whales FLA, USA
    May 23 Dolphin found dead in river, suffering head wounds, NC, USA
    May 22 Two whales found dead in Western Isles loch, UK
    May 21 Mutant form of deadly equine virus spreads in US, causes cancellation of many events in US and Canada
    May 20 Massive bee die-off occurring of both honeybees and native bees, cause unknown, BC, Canada
    May 20 20 pilot whales with “serious head injuries” cause fear for mass stranding of 60 whales, Western Isles, Scotland Video
    May 20 Dolphins found dead on shore, totalling 15 in two weeks, Romania
    May 19 Alarming number of dead and dying leopard sharks wash onto shore, CA, USA
    May 17 Dozens of tropical fish wash up on beaches, Australia
    May 17 Prairie dogs suffer mass die off due to Black Plague, AZ, USA
    May 15 Pilot whale dies after beaching on Shetland Island shore
    May 13 Dead baby dolphin washes ashore on Gulf Coast, “disposed” of by bull dozer into beach vegetation, MS, USA
    May 13 Dead baby blue whale washes onto beach, Sri Lanka See paragraph three of May 15 blog entry Video
    May 13 Thousands of fish mysteriously die, Lake Erie, Ohio, USA
    May 13 Dead pygmy sperm whale found on beach, NZ
    May 12 Hundreds of leopard sharks that washed up on shore were suffering from unexplained massive internal bleeding, necropsy shows, USA See related articles April 22 and 29
    May 12 Thousands of small fish dead on beach, LA, USA
    May 11 Second wave of 30 mystery pelican deaths hits beach, NC, USA
    May 11 Dead sperm whale washes up on beach, Guam
    May 10 Extremely rare 2m long leatherback turtle found dead on beach, Australia
    May 10 Dozens of endangered dolphins found dead in Ukraine
    May 10 Hundreds of fish die in pond, Kansas, USA
    May 9 Over a dozen Caspian seals and pups wash up dead on shore of Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan Video
    May 7 Bee colony collapse feared, up to 30% of bee population losses recorded, NZ
    May 6 Dead Minke whale found on coast of MA, USA
    May 6 Sea turtle deaths along Gulf Coast highest ever in a single month since records began, USA
    May 6 Humpback whale found dead on beach, MA, USA
    May 5 45-40ft dead whale washes ashore, India
    May 5 13 dead Pilot whales amongst stranded in FL, USA Video
    May 5 Thousands of animals dead in Fukushima no-go zone, Japan
    May 4 Two porpoises wash ashore, cause of death unknown, MA, USA
    May 4 Large fish kill occurs in lake, WI, USA
    May 3 200 cows and buffaloes die, 500 others infected, lazy vet refuses to go to farms
    May 2 Broadnose Sevengill Shark washes up on beach OR, USA
    May 2 Sperm whale beaches on same beach as Pygmy whale, NZ
    May 2 Enormous Pygmy Blue whale washes up onto beach, NZ
    May 1 Mystery illness hits 150 dogs, CO, USA
    May 1 Sick female dolphin put down in Philippines, cause of sickness uncertain
    May 1 Record wildlife die-offs of tens of thousands reported in Northern Rockies, USA
    May 1 14 dead penguins wash up onto coast of NZ

    APRIL 2011
    Apr 30 Nearly 10,000 hibernating bats die in PA cave, USA
    Apr 30 Dead sardines wash up on two tourist beaches, Sri Lanka
    Apr 29 Leopard sharks continue to die off, as many as 50 so far, CA, USA
    Apr 29 Dead female sperm whale found beached in Australia, reproductive organs eaten
    Apr 28 Second dead gray whale found in WA, USA
    Apr 28 Viewer shocked at dead sea life along Gulf Coast, USA
    Apr 27 Dead 12m sperm whale washes onto rocks, Australia
    Apr 27 Dead gray whale spotted in WA, USA
    Apr 27 Thousands of dead fish wash up along lake shoreline, NY, USA
    Apr 25 55ft long unknown fish species found on shore, China
    Apr 25 Enforced no-go zone causes mass starvation deaths of animals, Japan
    Apr 25 Dozens of cows and calves dying from a mysterious disease, Honduras Translate here
    Apr 24 Thousands of dead fish wash up on Australian shore
    Apr 22 Humpback whale found dead on shore died of starvation, WA, USA
    Apr 22 Shark deaths in San Francisco bay area trigger search for cause, CA, USA
    Apr 22 15 sharks wash ashore in Florida, 3 different species and no clear cause of death
    Apr 21 More than 25 dead mallard ducks and fish found at Florida lake, officials claim it is ‘duck plague’
    Apr 21 Thousands of dead fish found at Australian dam
    Apr 21 Follow up article about the 6 tons of dead fish in CA, USA
    Apr 21 Dead whale shark found near shore, Philippines
    Apr 19 Dead dolphins and sea lions wash up on California shore, USA
    Apr 18 Hundreds to thousands of dead fish found in California harbour, USA Video
    Apr 18 Spate of Greenland whale deaths a worrying puzzle
    Apr 18 Dead whale found washed ashore in Scotland
    Apr 17 Thousands of salmon killed by gasoline spill
    Apr 15 Massive fish kill in Vermont lake, USA
    Apr 14 More turtle deaths reported, Australia
    Apr 14 Hundreds of dead fish found on river bank, India
    Apr 13 Pregnant whale washes up on beach, Virgin Islands
    Apr 13 Mass turtle death investigated, Australia
    Apr 12 Badly decayed whale carcass washes ashore on Hawaii Island
    Apr 11 16 dophins wash ashore dead in India
    Apr 11 Dozens of sick sea lions, dolphins and pelicans washing up on beach, CA, USA Video
    Apr 8 Dead fish piling up in US ponds
    Apr 8 50 birds fall dead in Kansas yard, USA
    Apr 8 406 dolphins between Feb and April found dead or washed up on Gulf’s shores, USA
    Apr 7 Hundreds of dead fish line cove’s banks, Iowa, USA
    Apr 6 Unidentified fatal equine virus causing panic in Australia see related article below Mar 10
    Apr 4 Dead whale weighing 3 tons washes up on Vietnam beach
    Apr 4 Hundreds of fish die in Florida pond, USA
    Apr 3 Sea turtle deaths mount in the Gulf, USA
    Apr 1 Bird die off in Azerbaijan denied by authorities
    Apr 1 Cause of Knut’s death revealed ~ encephalitis brain swelling Related link below dated Mar 19

    MARCH 2011
    Mar 31 Many birds and turtles found dead at picturesque lake, Australia
    Mar 30 Number of dead dolphins in Gulf may be 50 times higher
    Mar 30 Sea turtle deaths up along Gulf, joining dolphin trend, USA Video
    Mar 30 More fish found dead in Australian waterway, for the second time in less than 2 months
    Mar 29 45 dead tortoises found in lake, India
    Mar 29 Another dead baby dolphin washes up on Florida’s Gulf shore, USA Video
    Mar 29 Sea turtle deaths in US Gulf angers residents
    Mar 27 Rarely seen species of whale washes up on Virginia Beach, USA Video
    Mar 27 Aquarium reports 6 dead dolphins found in past week on MA beaches, USA
    Mar 26 Dead fish litter beach in Alabama, USA Video
    Mar 26 150 sea turtles die at the same time, found on Indian shore, one fishing net blamed
    Mar 26 Dolphins die after US Navy detonate explosives during underwater training exercise
    Mar 25 Thousands of dead fish being found on Somalia’s coast
    Mar 25 Thousands of fish found dead in UK stream
    Mar 24 45 dead sea turtles have washed up on Florida beach so far this month, more than double last year’s numbers
    Mar 24 Hundreds of dead starfish wash up onto Welsh shore, UK
    Mar 24 Algae blamed for thousands of fish deaths in Florida lake, USA
    Mar 24 Thousands of dead fish found on Lithuanian coast Use this tool to translate article from Lithuanian
    Mar 23 Thousands of dead fish found Lake Erie shore, PA, USA
    Mar 23 Thousands of jellyfish found washing up on Florida beach, USA
    Mar 22 Oil spill threatens lives of endangered penguins on uninhabited island, South Atlantic
    Mar 22 At least 32 musk oxen freeze to death from winter tidal surge, Bering Strait, Alaska, USA
    PB note: Due to the remoteness of the animals’ location they were only discovered on March 15, the animals are presumed to have died on Feb 25.
    Mar 22 Hundreds of dead fish found in New York pond, USA
    Mar 21 Over a hundred harp seals strand themselves off the coast of Maine, USA
    Mar 21 The lab results are in for the 250 dead seals that washed up in Labrador, “we don’t know what killed them”
    Mar 21 Whale, more dolphins found dead on SC beaches, USA
    Mar 19 400 whales found dead floating in water and on beach of uninhabited Speedwell Island, near Falkland Islands
    Mar 19 Knut suddenly dies in front of visitors at Berlin Zoo, death unexplained
    Mar 18 Nine more dead dolphins found on Gulf of Mexico beaches, bringing total to 114
    Mar 17 Pod of 30 pilot whales found stranded on Australia beach
    Mar 15 Another dead baby dolphin in Alabama, USA Video
    Mar 15 3 seals found on Delaware beaches, USA, one with frostbite, one dies of starvation
    Mar 14 Humpback whale swimming in shallow sound euthanised
    Mar 14 Mass honeybee deaths now occurring worldwide, UN report
    Mar 14 Dead fish wash onto Hawaii’s shores after tsunami
    Mar 14 Scientists investigate dolphin deaths on SC coast, USA
    Mar 13 At least 50 cows die of a mysterious disease, Pakistan The International News Article
    Mar 11 Hundreds of fish killed in Japan quake’s tsunami, Hawaii
    Mar 11 1,000 Layson albatross along with thousands of chicks perish in Japan quake’s tsunami, Midway Atoll, Hawaii
    Mar 11 Tens of thousands of dead fish found at Darling River, Bourke, Australia Reported on Mar 15
    Mar 11 26,000 trout found dead in Wales, UK ~ poisoning suspected
    Mar 11 More than 250 fish found dead in Nebraska lake
    Mar 10 Mystery horse disease in Australia claims 2 horses
    Mar 10 Gulls dying in SF, USA cause of deaths disputed
    Mar 9 Hundreds of dead fish in Montana Bird Sanctuary, USA
    Mar 9 Hundreds of dead fish found in Illinois pond, USA
    Mar 9 15,000 dead crayfish, eels and fish wash up on West Australia beach
    Mar 8 Millions of dead fish floating in Redondo Beach Harbor, CA, USA
    Mar 7 Mystery death of migratory birds in India, poachers suspected
    Mar 7 Dead swans in Grand Canal, Dublin, Ireland
    Mar 5 Mystery deaths unexplained at Indian zoo
    Mar 4 Deaths of 87 dolphins may have been caused by BP Oil Spill
    Mar 4 50 melon-headed whales found stranded on Japanese shore, 22 rescued
    Mar 3 Stranded sperm whale in UK starved to death

    Source: http://paradigmsbend.blogspot.com/p/list-of-mass-animal-deaths-2011.html

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