Marine life washed ashore in New Zealand – 01/11/2006

  • November 23, 2013 at 1:21 am #1118

    Hello from Phoenix
    This is a new one on me. Naturally, my thinking goes to the folks at
    Dyno-Gel and other weather modification companies.
    Maybe it is only “grey sludge” and innocuous.
    Best to all,
    Beach sludge on Waiheke

    12.01.06 6.00am

    A grey sludge reported on a Waiheke Island beach is likely to be an
    accumulation of marine life that has been washed ashore, the Auckland
    Regional Council said yesterday.

    ARC pollution response team leader Rowan Carter said the National
    Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research had suggested the cause of
    the Onetangi Beach sludge could be a marine invertebrate called a

    “It will be uncomfortable to touch, but … it’s innocuous,” he said.

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