Mammal die-off in South Florida – Update – 03/04/2005

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    Hi All,
    Thought you all would like to follow-up on the mammal die-off in S.
    Florida. The tinking some months back was a neurotoxin as the cause,
    and then a Big Gag order got put in place, naturally.

    Seven stranded dolphins die in Keys; dozens being treated
    MARATHON, Fla. — Seven dolphins stranded off the Florida Keys have
    died and dozens were being treated for dehydration Thursday as
    veterinarians tried to determine why they came to shore.

    More than 60 rough-tooth dolphins were found on flats and sandbars
    and in a nearby canal Wednesday about a quarter mile off Marathon,
    officials said.

    By Thursday, most of the dolphins had been moved from just a few
    inches of water on the flats to the 15-foot-deep, mangrove-lined
    canal, said Denise Jackson, a member of the Marine Mammal Rescue

    “Some are free swimming and frolicking and having a good time,” she

    Boats brought most of the dolphins to the canal, though one hitched
    a ride on a stretcher in back of a pickup truck, Jackson said.
    Veterinarians were conducting blood tests and other medical
    assessments on the dolphins.

    “We’re looking to see if they’ve got any sickness going through
    them,” Jackson said. “We’re looking at their levels of dehydration,
    which will tell us how much they have been eating, if they have been

    Marine mammals may strand when they are sick, injured or
    disoriented, said Laura Engleby, a biologist with the National
    Marine Fisheries Service.

    Rough-tooth dolphins normally inhabit deep, offshore waters in the
    Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, she said.

    “They’re not a coastal species,” Engleby said.
    Marathon is on Key Vaca, in the middle of the Florida Keys about 45
    miles east of Key West. The dolphins were stranded on the ocean side
    of the island.

    Marine officials said that on Friday, teams would begin moving some
    of the sick dolphins to care facilities along the Keys or on the
    March 3, 2005 – 7:58 p.m. MST

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