Mad cow disease? chemtrails? – 05/16/2004

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    Hello everyone! It was suggested by Vicky to post a message that I’d
    submitted on a chemtrail site…so here goes…

    Was listening to Coast to Coast Thursday evening / Friday morning as
    Sean David Morton, a remote viewer and futurist, discussed mad cow
    disease. He stated that this is unsubstantiated, but a friend of his
    had been traveling through Wyoming and he asked Fish and Game about
    the deaths of deer and elk in the area. What he expected to hear was
    that it was related to gasses escaping from the dome in Yellowstone.
    Instead, they told him that it had been discovered that the deaths
    were mad cow disease.

    Morton went on to say that something that could spread like this
    would have to be arial, which lead him to believe that it was due to
    the chemtrail poisoning that we are experiencing daily across the

    Morton did use the disclaimer of having no hard data to prove his
    beliefs and he did not mention that he had remote viewed the
    situation. If he had, THAT would’ve been a plus in my book…he has
    an incredible record of being correct in his prodictions.

    Anyway, it’s food for thought. I’ve felt, since the unexplained
    deaths of deer and elk, mad cow disease in Europe, Avian Flu and
    sicknesses in horses, they are all tied in to the Chemtrails. They
    seemed to have appeared at about the same time!

    Thanks for the informative site!
    God Bless,

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