Koalas in Adelaide (Aus?) – 07/19/2005

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    Mystery illness killing koalas

    KOALAS at Cleland Wildlife Park in the Adelaide Hills have been
    dying at an alarming rate.

    There have been at least nine deaths – two from a mystery illness –
    in the past five weeks, most of them in the past week.
    Koala vet Dr Ian Hough yesterday said the deaths represented
    an “unusual number” of the park’s 40-strong population.
    Two more koalas have been quarantined, but are not responding to
    treatment for what is believed is a respiratory infection or perhaps
    a form of pneumonia.

    Dr Hough said the cold snap this month had almost certainly caused
    the death of two elderly koalas.
    “It’s never out of the ordinary for koalas to die,” Dr Hough said.
    “They are animals that are on the ecological edge. Life’s pretty
    tough being a koala.”

    Environment and Heritage Department regional conservation director
    Lindsay Best said the sick koalas had shown similar symptoms to
    those known to have died from disease.

    They had been separated from others handled by the public.
    “We’ve taken measures, but we wouldn’t put it down as a serious
    situation . . . it could be no more than a common cold,” Mr Best

    “Until we have isolated the problem, we can’t be sure of the
    treatment required.”
    An investigation is underway into the disease that killed koalas on
    June 17 and July 6.

    Dr Hough said none of the problems being investigated would “have
    alarm bells ringing” for wild koalas in the Adelaide Hills.
    Handling of koalas is still being offered to the public during what
    has been a busy school holiday period for the park.

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