Hurricane movement and fish die-offs – 09/20/2005

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    From Vicki:

    When I was reading the article below in the DefenseTech link, it sounded like he was describing the satellites I see. I call them skyhoppers because of the way they move. They move in short bursts from side to side.

    If you live in a place where you can still see the stars, you can see them. They link up in chains of 3 usually.. sometimes more. It never occurred to me that they could be used for something like weather modification. I thought they were probably spy satellites – to monitor us.

    On one of the radio programs I listened to today, one of the callers suggested that to move a hurricane or to cause it to build strength all one would have to do is to heat the water in front of it.

    If that is what they are doing, then that would explain the massive numbers of fish that are dying. Fish are very sensitive to water temperature changes. As I recall (I could be wrong on the location but I don’t think so) in the weeks before Katrina hit New Orleans, there was an anomolous event with fish along the Gulf Coast of Florida. They were swimming very close to shore..and many of them actually washed up on the beaches. Somebody in one of my groups commented that it seemed like they were trying to get out of the water.

    If they use microwaves from satellites to heat the water, that would also explain how they could keep the storm in place for as long as they did with Ophelia. That’s a perfect weapon for extortion. Just keep it spinning offshore until you are ready to do something with it or until it is as big as you want it to be.

    This also explains why the NOAA took over control of satellite monitoring from the DOD. When I was researching 9-11, I found an article or notice or something about it. It seemed odd at the time, but it makes perfect sense within this context. I will definitely try to find that link but it might take me a couple of days because it was over a year ago and I have a lot of links to search.

    Dots Connected. Thanks Dick.

    Dick wrote:
    defense against a hurricane by redirecting it
    means that hurricanes have been weaponized.
    the ability to predict implies control insofar
    as the variables which control a hurricane
    and are sufficient for prediction can themselves
    can be manipulated by man and his interventions
    can be cumputed and delivered fast enough
    to effect the desired modification.

    Subject: Dr Ross Hoffman – Moving Hurricanes
    Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 21:15:02 +1000
    From: Gerard Holmgren

    Funded by NASA, DR Ross Hoffman is researching into how to “move”
    hurricanes. Of course, officially – he can’t actually do it yet, but
    considering that the flying Saucers which have been around for at least
    60 years and which are even documented in the patents offices, still
    officially don’t officially exist….

    The articles below are about “defence” from hurricanes. Once you see the
    similarity of the theme- that most articles about “defending from “
    terrorism and “predicting” what terrorists might do – are really code
    for what our great protectors are planning themselves, then it becomes
    pretty obvious what they are doing with this technology.,1282,63362,00.html?tw=wn_story_related

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