Horses dying in Kentucky = chemtrails? – 04/28/2004

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    This is anecdotal but I still wanted to reported it.

    Chemtrails: The Problem and the Solution (continued)
    by RICH WORK

    Those observing these planes through telescopes report the planes are

    The program, known as “chemtrails”, began about 7-8 years ago and
    have taken on serious proportions in the last 3-4 years.

    When asked, authorities claim it is military aircraft dumping excess

    However, common logic says you don¹t dump excess fuel from dawn to
    dusk over cities, then repeat it again and again.

    We are beginning to see many health issues arising as a result of
    being exposed to these airborne chemicals. But as these airborne
    chemicals come to the ground they touch all life forms; our water,
    food, animals, soil­ and yes, you and I.

    Recently, while conducting programs in Kentucky, we were informed by
    several individuals that some horse stables are reporting their
    horses have not had a successful birth of an offspring this year.

    They are either born dead or die within thirty days. Local news
    reports confirmed this and showed that adult horses are now also
    dying of some strange unknown disease.

    Officials stated they believe it is a worm the horses are eating. We
    disagree with that assessment.

    We believe a natural existing virus has become mutated from the
    residues of chemtrails and is now destroying the horses natural
    ability to carry an offspring to its maturity.

    Horses are Kentucky¹s number one source of revenue and they are
    alarmed and becoming vocal. Of course you have heard about this on
    your local news­ right?

    We have talked to people all over the country and no one outside of
    the local area seems to have heard of it.

    Strange, an epidemic of this nature is certainly of national

    Or is it just another censorship­ a black out of bad news authorities
    do not want you to know? You might start asking questions.

    What is happening in Kentucky is now also being reported by horse
    owners in Florida.

    Could this have the potential to eliminate horses from this

    Why should we be concerned? We believe horses carry a similar energy
    on land like the dolphins of the sea. They are an important species
    holding an energy to maintain the equilibrium and expand the energy
    of unconditional love on this planet.

    Chemtrails have received much attention on the internet, in articles
    and at health conventions, but you will not hear about them on the
    five-o’clock news. The following are a couple of web sites you can
    check for further information.

    Want more? Punch up “chemtrails” on the internet.

    It is not our intent to alarm anyone, but rather bring to your
    attention a subject that has been reported by thousands over the past
    several years.

    Most of our readers are already aware of it and many have given their
    personal testimony of sightings and side effects of their

    It is now making local news. Some authorities have reported they are
    dumping small particles of aluminum to reflect the heat of the solar
    flares to counter global warming.

    If this were so, the ground should be covered with aluminum particles
    after eight years of dumping. Also, the scientific reports of those
    conducting laboratory tests of the residues many have scraped
    off their homes and automobiles do not support this.

    It is our intent to share with you a solution that will assist in
    preventing side effects from the materials being released known as

    How does this affect humans? Chemtrails contain materials that have
    the ability to mutate the human form. Left unanswered, this has the
    ability to mutate and/or destroy human life as we have known it. The
    process has already started­ but it can be corrected.

    What is the URGENCY?

    In order to affect a positive change and reach mass consciousness, we
    must act together to reach critical mass. The following proclamations
    have been designed to transmute both the toxic residues and effects
    for the individual, the Earth and all life forms upon and within it.

    Read and embody the following proclamations­then immediately forward
    this entire message to your e-mail list. Timing is critical. Share it
    with all who are open to it. This could determine the future of the
    human species.

    The following triad of proclamations work together as one. It is
    important to work with them as one.

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