Hemorrhagic disease in deer – Montana – 10/07/2006

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    Disease said to not threaten people
    By Gazette News Services


    SHERIDAN – State wildlife officials said an outbreak of hemorrhagic
    disease that killed several deer in the Sheridan area probably is
    over, and poses no risk to hunters.

    Lynn Jahnke, wildlife management coordinator for the Wyoming Game and
    Fish Department in Sheridan, didn’t say how many deer were thought to
    have been infected, but said the outbreak was “largely over” for the

    Hemorrhagic diseases – including epizootic hemorrhagic disease and
    blue tongue – cause bleeding in the muscles and organs of infected
    animals and are not uncommon among deer in Wyoming, Montana, South
    Dakota and Nebraska. The diseases are spread by gnats, typically
    where deer concentrate around lowland water sources.

    “Conditions were ideal for an outbreak of the disease during early
    August,” Jahnke said. “Recent cold temperatures slowed the spread of
    the disease as frost killed the ‘no-see-um’ gnats which spread the
    disease. Reports of dead deer declined after the first frost in early
    September.” Such hemorrhagic diseases do not spread to humans, and
    pose no threat to hunters, Jahnke said.

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